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by Twiga
Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Animal · #2125491
The Story which originally inspired Space Beasts Space Trek comes from Shrine to Insanity
Every Character from here is from Space Beasts, with the exception of Plain Jane who was created for the express purpose of having bad things happen to her...I think Plain Jane is a Mongrel Dog Anthro

The starship Entrepreneur travels soundlessly through space towards the planet Viola Strierra where they are to rendezvous with the alien race of Wranglers. Suddenly...alarms begin to go off.

Minsk: Captain Matoaka! We are in big trouble! The evil leader of the Wrangler have decided to attack us!

Matoaka: What? You mean...Bimbolulina is attacking us?

Minsk: Yes! If we do not surrender Bimbolulina is going to kidnap us and keep us as sex slaves to fulfil their freakish fetish for...

Matoaka: Oh no not...

Minsk: Yes. Bimbolulina seeks to convert us to the side of evil to fulfil their Bondage fetish...

Matoaka: We must not tolerate this! Prepare the ship for battle!

Minsk: Okay!

Minsk bursts into action, flicking switch after switch, readying missiles to be fired at the ship of the evil Bimbolulina. Within seconds it is ready.

Matoaka: Okay do we have our phaser-cannons ready?

Minsk: We most certainly do!

Matoaka: Then fire them you ass!

The cannons are fired at the enemy ship, explosions can be heard outside...

Matoaka: Do we have a hit? Do we? Do we?

Zander comes dashing into the bridge, wearing only a towel.

Zander: What the hell is happening here? I was taking a peaceful shower when...

The ship rocks violently to the side and the lights flicker. Zander flings themself into Matoaka's arms.

Zander: Hold me!

Minsk: We're all going to die!

Zander: We ARE?

Matoaka: No. No we're not...it's just that...

The ship rocks again, even more violently...and this time the lights switch off. Except for the glowing control panels there is no light.

Matoaka: Oh God help us! We're all going to die!

A voice suddenly booms out of the speakers...

Voice: We will only stop firing when you pledge your alliegence to the ungodly Bimbolulina eater of Mud and vow to fulfil their absolutely terrible Bondage fetish!

Zander: No! Oh God no I'd never pledge alliance to -

Minsk: Hold on a second did you say that Bimbolulina has a Bondage fetish?

Voice: Well...erm...yes...

Minsk: That's amazing...really...because, well I'm a Bondage fetishist from way back! I just never told you before because...well I was nervous...

Zander and Matoaka stare at Minsk with absolute disgust.

Matoaka: Well...hey then. Why don't you just take Minsk and leave the rest of us here? Hey?

Voice: Well yes. Yes, I believe that I could do that...

There is a high pitched whistling noise and Minsk disintegrates into nothing as they are beamed aboard Bimbolulina's ship for a lifetime of Bondage.

Matoaka: Ahem. Well then, now that all of that is sorted out I guess we should continue onto Viola Strierra.

The lights flicker back into life and everything begins to go back to normal...of course once you look past the missing crew member. As this happens Zander steps turns to look at Matoaka

Zander: I'd just like to tell you...

Matoaka: Yes?

Zander: ...I think you're really brave.

Zander leans towards Matoaka and plants a kiss on their cheek. The Entrepreneur begins to pick up speed before shooting off into the darkness of space... In search of their next adventure...

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