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by Twiga
Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Animal · #2125492
The story that originally inspired Space Beasts, Space Trek comes fro Shrine of Insanity
Every Character from here is from Space Beasts, with the exception of Plain Jane who was created for the express purpose of having bad things happen to her...I think Plain Jane is a Mongrel Dog Anthro

Space Trek

The starship Entrepreneur travels soundlessly through space towards the planet Paradise 5 where they are to rendezvous with the alien race of Gryphons. Suddenly...alarms begin to go off.

Plain Jane: Captain Matoaka! We are in big trouble! The evil leader of the Gryphon have decided to attack us!

Matoaka: What? You mean...Kraa is attacking us?

Plain Jane: Yes! If we do not surrender Kraa is going to kidnap us and keep us as sex slaves to fulfil their freakish fetish for...

Matoaka: Oh no not...

Plain Jane: Yes. Kraa seeks to convert us to the side of evil to fulfil their Vore fetish...

Matoaka: We have only one choice! We must negotiate with Kraa right away!

Plain Jane: N-negotiate? Are you crazy? Kraa will laugh at our negotiations!

Matoaka: We'll see...but for now...get everybody on the bridge immediately. I want everyone to be present.

Plain Jane: Even Minsk in the boiler room? The oil smell will stink the entire ship out!

Matoaka slaps Plain Jane across the face.

Matoaka: When I say now I mean NOW! So move it tubby!

Ten minutes later...

Minsk: I can't believe that you are actually going to try and negotiate with Kraa, we will all be killed!

Zander: Well...I think it's a good idea, make love not war and all that...

Zander winks in Matoaka's general direction.

Matoaka: Okay...Kraa is coming aboard. Everybody prepare yourselves please...

Plain Jane: Blimey Minsk you stink like oil.

Minsk: It's a hard job but somebody has to do it...

Suddenly, the alarm sounds again and double doors at the side of the bridge of the Entrepreneur begin to slide open. Except for the heavy grinding sound of the door there is no noise and then...Kraa enters. Everybody gasps.

Matoaka: Oh my God...what they said about you having four Tail's is true!

Kraa: Yes. Yes it is.

Minsk: Is it true that you only eat -

Kraa: Brains? Yes. That's true also.

The crew of the ship moan and groan.

Matoaka: Kraa we have brought you onto our ship to negotiate with you. Will you hear our negotiations?

Kraa frowns and scratches at their head for a moment before reaching behind themself and pulling out a -

Zander: Watch out everybody! It's a Sword!

Zander lunges on top of Matoaka, shielding them with their body. Kraa uses the Sword on Plain Jane who screams out in pain.

Minsk: Take this you sack of shit!

Minsk leaps up out of nowhere wielding a massive spanner that they brought with them from the boiler room. Kraa gasps and backs away, screaming as Minsk lays into them like an animal. Then...everything is silent.

Matoaka: Ahem. Well then, now that all of that is sorted out I guess we should continue onto Paradise 5.

There are general...if muted, groans of agreement from the rest of the crew and everyone starts to filter off. On the way out Zander stops and steps towards Matoaka.

Zander: I'd just like to tell you...

Matoaka: Yes?

Zander: ...I think you're really brave.

Zander leans towards Matoaka and plants a kiss on their cheek. The Entrepreneur begins to pick up speed before shooting off into the darkness of space...waiting for their next adventure...
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