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by DylanB
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Drama · #2125716
Two high school students plan their revenge against their school. Will they succeed?
The weekend was soon over and it was Monday morning. Before they knew it, they were back at the gates of hell. Finn hadn't been home since Friday, his parents didn't really care much about him.

Elijah and Finn walked into their form room and their form teacher, Mrs Lily glared at them and said, "The headteacher wants to see you two boys in his office right away."

They rolled their eyes at each other and walked out of class. This was a daily task for them, as they walked down the corridor they reared of the posters talking about the big football match.
They got near to the heads office and started shouting and messing about. The head came out of his office and called the boys inside.

"Boys, we saw what happened outside the school gates. Well, we want to know what you did to them?" Mr Bates accused. Elijah and Finn looked at each other and sighed, "We didn't do anything to them. They started on us!" Finn aggressively spoke.

Elijah and Finn stormed out of the office and walked out of the school. They were both filled with anger.

They went to Finn's house and got the gun from his locked case under his bed. They took the secret pathway to the forest.

Finn set up a line of dolls against the tree and Elijah set up the video camera. They loaded the rifle and started shooting. "You want to bully us now, you bunch of fucking dickheads!" Elijah shouted.

It was nearly 4 pm and both boys decided they better get home before their parents did. They knew they would be in trouble.

When Finn got home, he quickly ran upstairs to put the gun away. "Finn, get down here right now!" Screamed his mum. "What do you want?" Exclaimed Finn, while walking downstairs.

"I just got a call from your headteacher. He said you stormed out of his office and left school!" His mum shouted. "He accused me and Elijah of provoking these kids after they punched us!" Finn shouted back. "You probably did provoke them, I wouldn't be surprised," his mum accused.

Finn threw a glass at the wall and walked to his room. He logged onto his computer and called Elijah on Skype. As he waited for Elijah to answer, he got his notepad and started writing down plans.

Finally, Elijah answered, "Hey man, what's up?" Finn quickly sat back down, "My mum just had a right go at me! I am so fucking angry at this place, we might have to do the plan sooner than I thought," Finn quietly spoke, so his mum didn't hear him.

Elijah nodded at the camera, "My mum and dad did the same to me. It sucks that even our parents think we provoked the fucking pricks. I hate this world so fucking much. I can't wait until the day comes. It will be so fucking awesome. We need to get more weapons though!" Elijah excitedly uttered.

"Eli, don't shout about it, we don't want our parents finding out. They will stop us from hanging out with each other. We need to keep this on the down low," Finn sternly responded. "I declare plan 'Zero Day' now in action!" Finn announced. "Woo!" exclaimed Elijah.

After they ended the Skype call, Finn went on Amazon to find a couple of knives. He bought them with his dad's debit card. He then found some more ammunition and bought that. Finn smiled to himself as he wrote in his plan book.

As Eli was eating his dinner, he got a message on Facebook from one of the bullies, 'Why don't you and your little bum buddy go kill yourselves?' Elijah got angry again and sent back, 'I'll fucking kill you, little piece of shit!' The bully sent a laughing emoji and left the chat. He then took a screenshot of the message and sent it to Finn. Finn told him, 'Stop saying you're going to kill them, you will ruin the plan!' Elijah sighed and went upstairs to play his guitar until bed.

As he laid in bed, he whispered "Another day in hell tomorrow." Before falling asleep he decided to write in his plan book.
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