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by Whisky
Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Gay/Lesbian · #2125727
Midoriya x Bakugo x Eijiro I Foot Fetish Warning
Helpless Torture

After the match between Deku and Shoto

Kacchan: Mpfh! Knew that Deku wouldn't have the strenght to win. Eijiro: Don't be so mean Bakugo. I heard Midoriya is severely wounded. Kacchan: The nurse will fix him like always. And why do you even care?

Eijiro: Me? You were the one starting it. And besides, isn't he your friend since childhood? Kacchan: Friends? He can go to hell and I wouldn't care!!
Eijiro: Mh, good for me then. I thought he was yours already. Kacchan: WHAT THE HELL!?
Eijiro: What? Midoriya is cute isn't he? And I saw you doing things when everyone left the locker.
Kacchan: I don't know what you are talking about.

Eijiro: You mean you didn't masturbate with Midoriyas socks? Kacchan: I-I....!
Eijiro: Don't worry Bakugo, I will keep it to myself. Kacchan: You better do that, else I will turn you to ash. Eijiro: I know, I know. Is Midoriya still in the nursery?

Kacchan: I don't think so. He should be on his way home by now. Eijiro: Knowing you don't you want to strike the opportunity? Kacchan: What do you mean?

Eijiro: Oh c'mon Bakugo. Midoriya's arms are probably useless right now. Kacchan: I still don't get it.
Eijiro: You really are dumb as a brick. Both of us like Midoriya, right? And you have your foot fetish besides. Why don't we have some fun with him while he's incapable of fighting back?

Kacchan: You want to rape Deku?

Eijiro: Yes. Or do you want everyone to know about your little secret? Kacchan: Shut up! Mh...how do we do it?
Eijiro: I knew you would agree. Here is the plan: We follow Midoriya and before he gets home we drag him into a dark corner. Do you know a place for that?
Kacchan: Near his home is an old living complex. It stands there a husk, so nobody will check there.
Eijiro: Perfect! Let's go follow him now.

[Kacchan and Eijiro searched and found Deku. After they followed him a while Eijiro was able to get Deku's attention and lure him into a dark sideway near his home. As Deku was searching in the dark, Kacchan knocked him down and carried him to the abandoned complex.]

Eijiro: Shouldn't he wake up soon? Man Bakugo, how hard did you punch him? Kacchan: Does it really matter? Besides why wait for him to wake up?
Eijiro: I thought you would enjoy seeing him struggle to escape. Kacchan: [Smirk] You really did your homework, bastard.
[Deku opens his eyes, still slightly dizzy]

Deku: Whe-Where am I? Kacchan? Eijiro?
Kacchan: Hey Deku. Is the ground comfortable?
Deku: Wh- What am I doing here?!
Eijiro: Chill Midoriya, we just want to have some fun.

[Eijiro knees down and hardeness his hand, then slices down in a flash. As Deku opened his eyes afterwards, he was suprised he wasn't wounded at all.]

Kacchan: Your hand is not the only thing rock hard here.
Eijiro: Already that excited Bakugo? [Smirk]

Deku: What did you-

[Deku took a break as he felt a breeze tickling his belly. As he looked down he realized that Eijiro didn't cut him, but his cloth, down to his pants. The next thing he saw was Kacchan taking him on the soles of his shoe and an explosion afterwards. Again he didn't feel pain, but a fresh breeze on his soles. His shoes were complete blown away and Eijiro continued with a slice down his legs.]


[Midoriya stood up and ran as fast as he could but was quickly grabbed and pulled back. He couldn't move his arms a bit and his legs were pinned down by Kacchan, who had a vicious smile on his lips, before he began to lick on Deku's soles furiously.]

Deku: What are you doing Kacchan?! [shiver]
Eijiro: Oh he is just doing his fetish thing. And while he does that, I will do my thing.

[While Kacchan was licking Deku's feet like a madman, Eijiro made another slice and cut open Deku's bandages.]

Eijiro: Hey your left arm doesn't even look too bad anymore.
Deku: E-Exactly!

[Deku stretched his movable finger back and shot a shockwave towards Eijiro, he did the same with his toes and hit Kacchan.]

Eijiro: Ouch, that hurt even as I turned to stone. My clothes didn't had that much luck it seems.
Kacchan: Deku if that would have hit me a bit harder that would have seriously hurt!

[Deku was shocked as he saw Kacchan standing at his feet unharmed. The now furious Bakugo ripped off his cloth and stipped down Deku's remaining cloth. Eijiro's pants were ripped apart after the shockwave anyway and before Deku could try anything, he took his cock and rammed it into his mouth, throbbing it along his throat. As Midoriya stuggled not to choke on Eijiro's cock was Kacchan about to thrust into his hole.]
Kacchan: Let's have a look how you handle 7'' Inches in your ass Deku.

[Deku cried out as Kacchan thrusted his huge cock into his asshole without preperation. He was about to break and Eijiro pushed himslelf deeper down his throat.]

Eijiro: Your throat really is a nice place for my dick. But let's do something else.

[Eijiro took his cock out of Deku's mouth and opened up his shoes.]

Eijiro: Do you like my feet too Bakugo?

Kacchan: Do you want to fuck with me, redhead?

[Eijiro pulled down his socks and stuffed them into Deku's mouth to silence him. He then presented his feet on front of Midoriyas back, right into Kacchan's face. And while Deku still struggled with the pain inflicted by Kacchan thrusting into his ass, Bakugo placed his tongue on Eijiro's foot and started to lick it like a petty slave.]

Eijiro: That's a yes then. I think I will make you my personal foot slave, then you can lick my feet all day. What do yo-

[Eijiro stopped as he heard Midoriya moaning. He removed the socks from his mouth.]

Eijiro: Finally wanting to joing the fun Izuku?
Kacchan: [continues to shove his tongue in the red haired's toes]
Deku: I-I want to cum...in Kacchan.
Eijiro: Did you hear that Bakugo? He wants to hump you.
Kacchan: [Between his licks] What...would you...do for it...Deku?
Deku: Everything!
Eijiro: Mhh, I have an Idea, let's have him give you a footjob.
Kacchan: [Pulled himself out of Deku] I have a better idea.

[Kacchan took Deku's feet and Eijiro. He positioned his cock between Deku's feet, Eijiro's behind them.]

Kacchan: You will shove your dick into the red-head instead.
Eijiro: Why me?
Deku: I don't care.

Eijiro: He?

[Deku shoved his cock into Eijiro's ass with all his might. Kacchan was giving their feet a few licks to make them slippery and easier to fuck.]

Eijiro: Your mouth is needed elsewhere...

[Eijiro took Bakugo's head and pushed him down, shoving his lenght into his mouth. Kacchan started to suck obidiently. Meanwhile was Deku starting to rub his feet down Kacchans lenght and so did Eijiro.]
Kacchan: [Moaned and was close to blowing up]
Deku: Give me your cum Kacchan!

[Midoriya concentrated on plessuring Kacchan even more and came himself while he did so.]

Eijiro: That's the spirit Midori-

[While he was playing it cool, Eijiro was cumming himself and filled Bakugo's mouth with his juice.]

Kacchan: Pah! Don't talk to high red-head. I'm not even clo-Argh. Deku: What was it Kacchan?
Eijiro: You're the one rubbing yourself between our feet. Don't forget that, Bakugo.

[Eijiro pushed Bakugo on his back and began to forcefully push his foot into his crotch. Deku watched them for a moment and started to place his tongue on Kacchan's foot, licking all over it. And as Eijiro noticed Midoriya, he sat down and placed his other foot in front of his face.]

Eijiro: You too Midoriya? I will have two foot slaves then it seems. [smirk]
Kacchan: [Kacchan cums between Eijiro's toes] Ahhrhg...Deku...Are you..ok..with that? Deku: If it is together with you Kacchan, I would do everything.
Eijiro: Well let's return then and maybe I will let you slaves sleep on the end of the bed.

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