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This is about being too busy to spend time with our aging parents.
I am sorry I am just too busy
Mother's day was in May and Father's day was just here. How many took the time to spend one day out of 365 with their parents? Boy, I bet that took a lot out of the busy schedule. Our parents took a whole life time out of their busy schedule to raise us. However, there were and always will be, children who were never given the chance to live, because they were an inconvenience.
Let's look at that fact for just a moment. You and I are here today because our mother's did not care that having a baby did not fit into her schedule. Maybe she had a good job, was in school, (college) Maybe she only planned on just one child. Maybe you, like me, were adopted. We were still given a chance to live. We were given a chance to grow up and have a life of our own. Maybe we were born to an unwed mother, to a teenage mother, a mother that had her whole life ahead of her. Maybe this mother had to make a choice, her life or yours while she was still on the delivery table bleeding out, and you were struggling to breath your first breath. How easy it might have been for her to tell the doctor to just save her life, because you have been without air for nearly 15 minutes already.
Now let's look at today, we are all grown up and have a life of our own. Can we really say that one day out of 365 is all we have time to spend with this aging parent who gave us life? These parents who put 18 years of their life on whole to raise us and now, we only have time for one day out of 365 to send with them.
Now let's look ahead a few years. We are now in our "golden years" and we are setting by the phone waiting for that one special call, or the one special visit we look forward to each year. We tell ourselves; "Johnny/Mary are very busy with their families and their jobs..."

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