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You, who so swiftly entered my life on the heavenly whirlwind of angelic wings, are being taken away in a similar manner, abandoning me involuntarily for a better life. I am Elisha, forced to watch my friend, stolen by fiery chariots, fly to the holiest of lands unseen by any mortal eye. If a spirit of compassion would deliver me to her side, how I would thank him.

But now, alone, I am mentally reviewing the atrocity done to me by Fate; that cruel old hag, pulling strings and matchmaking events without giving the slightest of thoughts to the souls she toys with. Only surpassing my great anger is grief. My heart recalls its former days, when she was there and melancholy was not.

Distance is too far for my taste, I think; the memories vague, the hearts hardened. Not a friend, but an acquaintance. For better or worse I may never learn, I know only that your image will forever be branded in my eyes, leaving the sweet kiss of your kindness upon my exhausted mind.
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