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A Poem With Heart
(36 line count)
My Robby with books
One day at the library I found something so cool.
So cool, I took it home, today I brought it to school.
I wandered into a stock room, by way of a wrong door.
There sat a robot on a stack of books upon the floor.

Without thinking I ran to it, not believing my eyes.
I bent to look more closely- He spoke to my surprise!
He simply said “hello there” and I jumping sky high.
Raising his head, with a smile he looked me in the eyes.

Still smiling he ask “well, aren't you going to speak?”
I said a weak, “hello” as I stumbled on my feet.
He said “I'm Robby, little girl. What's you name?”
“My name is Maci,” I said examining his brass frame.

“I'm glad to meet you, Are you here for a book?
Maci, there are many of them, here- take a look,”
He pointed, proudly at them piled around himself.
Many books stacked about him, no longer on a shelf.

Old, worn, books- some torn, none of them new.
“Oh Maci, can I please read a story or two to you?”
Robby's face lit up and his smile seemed to brighten
His actions made me, no longer feel frightened.

He read to me a story and I forgot about the time.
We laughed and we giggled at his attempt at rhyme.
Then he told me that he along with all those books.
We're no longer needed with the library's new perks.

Remembering the time I said, “ It's time I go on home.”
His face got sad as he said “I wish I had a home of my own,”
I invited him to come to my house and there be my guest.
Now, I invited him here today and now you know the rest!

That was over forty years ago, my how time does fly.
As I have gotten older, you know Robby will never die!
Robby made me want to be a teacher, back when I was small.
He still reads to me every night, together we've had a ball!

Today, I will retire, No longer needed around the school.
I think you will see what I saw- How Robby is so cool.
So please have a seat children, and please pay heed
While we sit awhile, relax and listen to Robby read.
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