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When the first werewolf meets her mate, how will love, drama, and action changer her life.

Elena's POV
"Why would you make me this, this, Monster!" I put my head in my hands and sobbed.
"Your powerful, beautiful!" He looked at me with sorrow in his dark red eyes, "I made you perfect!"
"PERFECT? I'm a monster!" I boomed, my echo surrounding us, he grabs my arm and pulls me to his face,
"You are my creation, my child, you are perfect, you are strong, you will begin my generation."
I jumped in his cold arms and continued to sob,"I'm sorry"
The the memory faded.
I laid alone on the ground, years. It's been years since that day, since my creation. I was surrounded my darkness, no one near me, there was no one to be near me.
The year was 1830 B.C.
Present time
I looked at myself in the mirror and saw the same person i've seen for century's, i was tired of the girl in front of me, i hated that girl, for the things she and done, for the people she had hurt, i wasn't​'t that girl anymore, i refused to be her.
I walked out of the bathroom and into my bedroom, i've gone things good and bad, i did my father's bidding, i spread his disease. I changed into some denim shorts and a red crop top. walking down stairs i realized my phone was ringing, i picked it up.
"Hello?" I asked.
"Elena! Where are you!" My best friend Liv screamed through the telephone.
"Relax! i coming down!" I hung up the phone and rubbed my ears, Damn my super sonic hearing, i thought to myself. I ran downstairs, grabbed an apple from the basket on my counter and sped out the door.
Liv was already waiting for me when i ran out, a what-the-hell-took-you-so-damn-long kind of look plastered on her face. I jumped in the front seat and rolled my eyes taking a bite from my apple.
When i was born, created i should say, i wasn't a baby, i was a teenager. 18 to be exact. So most of my life was school, i helped out some people but i never really knew what to do with my life till high school. The only person to ever know about me and who i was was Liv, i've known her since like the 1900's.
We arrived at the school and walked through the doors, the school was mainly humans, with some wolves here and there. I made sure no one knew who i was, i hated the thought of used my power against people. I wasn't an alpha, i had no pack, like i said the only who whos knows about be is Liv. Most of the wolves here don't even know i'm a werewolf, let alone i was the first wolf to live.
No one could know, no one would ever really know i was the first luna.
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