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Thoughts on my mind
Mapping a source of least resistance, in the long run, creates a longer journey.

In relationships, we tend to avoid the not so fun things that come as every day normal relationship requirements.

The basic foundation of any relationship is trust, communication, and signs of affection. With modern day some of us tend to complicate some of the simplest of rules.

Why is this? Why did I choose the path I did when I did it and continued to do it? Why do any of us do?

Control, Thrill, Addiction, popularity, or even because of insecurities. I have come to believe the harder you fight to separate yourself from others and gain a peanut of control. You become actually more controlled. This is cause we tend to surround ourselves with people we can have easy influence.

In all relationships, you will always have one person who tries to gain domination over the other. Even if it's as small as who has the last word or hangs up first. This is again the balance. The passer and aggressor. But claiming to be an alpha doesn't mean disregard other facts like empathy or just in general people. I myself tend to blur these lines, and forgetting that the other person has feelings too. No matter how angry we might be?

Chances are what I write won't reach many people, but that's OK. The one thing I have learned is society can and will be a beast. It will and can destroy you and the people around you. Society is silent but loud.Has no sides or any remorse. The worst part you'll fall in love with it. You'll make it your life. You'll fight tooth and nail to defend it until it turns on you.

An addict can be presented a path paved with gold ending in Paradise, but us addicts will deny it more times than one. Almost suffer from - Stockholm syndrome with our very own self.

How can a person save somebody who is bonded with them self? A person can physically see in the mirror the downhill fall but chooses not to stop the chaos.

the power of addiction is underestimated daily. relationships have their addictions to in times. it's like a person trying to run against a strong current to the people they love. In the end that current will drop them - time after time, and each time pushing them more and more away from the ones who care.

We soon find comfort in that current and allow it to bounce us off logs and rocks to a point of breaking every part of us.

Knowing how easy it could be we bind ourselves to our addiction or even people. This is the point when takes full control. It's when the transition of our identity gets replaced with an empty shell. The part where waves of chaos are your wings of peace.
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