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This is tutorial training about fire in the building and rescue the people.
In March 1987 in United Eagles. Rover was sleeping at the Fire Station and then the alarm goes "beep beep."
"We have alarm" the fireman rush toward the garage and get in the truck. "Get in the truck" the Rover is underway.
"Go Go" the Truck starts the engine moving to drive.

"Ok we better learn how to put the water toward the fire" Lee Rovers said.
"We need to learn to do rescue the people."
After the listen to Le Rovers the Fire Truck arrived at fire building. "Ok you have Axe to break to the door Rover Block. Your mission is to fight against fire with water and rescue. We have 10 minutes to win the rescue mission. Ready." The Whistle start blowing.

5 Fire Fighter start to put on the water towards fire building and Rover Block break the door with axe "Move in to rescue the people" Rover Block and 6 Fire Fighter went to the building. Suddenly the building come to fall with fire "Fire with extinguishers."

Rover Block used Fire Extinguisher to blow the fire. The Truck start to put ladder and Fire Fighter rescue the people in building. "Alright we have 6 minutes to completed rescue mission come on hurry". 5 people are rescued by Fire Fighter.

The Rover Block is push against the fire out of the building. 100 Fire was exhorted. "We have 2 minutes almost there," Rover fly Le
"Alright lets break the door get ready" United Eagles Fire Fighter said to Rover Block. "For girlfriend and for you" The United Eagles Fire Fighter break the door and suddenly the Masada Blue cruise was trapped by fire.

"Oh my Gosh!!!!" The Masada get trapped and burned. "Hang on girls Im coming with you" United Eagles Fire fighter blow with extinguisher.

Rover Block remove the fire logs and lumber and rescue the girls. "Lets get out of here!"

"One Minutes Hurry up fire fighter." Rover Block and fire fighter rescue the girls and escape before the time run out. Finally the finish remaining is 40 seconds.


The Best Record is 9.0 seconds "Your best record is excellent but almost run out" the people gasped.
"But you are the best."

Masada was happy about saved the building from the fire. "Rover!" "I love dance party." Rover become couple after the fire was exhausted in building.

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