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A description of a Yeller critter
          I am not flying furiously into a flight of fantasy. On the way to work I was captured by the lurid picture that haunt will me till the day I die.

         She was drop dead attractive and maybe that was the problem. It was alluring yellow light that brought my attention to her in the first place. On the main Street it is symbolic of warning proceed with care.

On this day I was fixing eggs. The crazy beast threw out my first cooking pan like vomit. I moved onto the next pan more determined than ever to get my eggs. This time she swallowed my spoon and fork. I was thrilled when a hiding place 'CX" was unveiled. I was tired of getting buzzed and bothered. I came up to the critter with my laser taser gripped in my fingers like a buzz saw in heat. Three times I went to "CX". I was getting heated volcanic lava sputtering out of my ears and eyes. I yelled and yelled and yelled. The eruptive force nearly set my toes up to my navel.

          I wish I could tell you there was a happy ending. My wife came home and it was like she was yeller possessed. "How could you be so stupid"? She further flushed out from her face there was no such thing as a "CX". My eggs were cold and the yolk was all over me. And it was all over any one else naive enough to believe. The yolk is on.you. Just be careful the yeller beast is not a figment of unimagination. I had to believe something could create a mess with loud bellowing. Otherwise how else could I be be given over to the finest.feast of eggs I have eaten. My wife felt sorry for me. There are plenty of eggs left over come and enjoy them with me. Just be careful of the yeller beast. She comes out into your ear when you least expect.
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