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Watch out, the box contains addiction
         I tire of the race. I walk to the mail box for another surprise. It is too much a part of a life. Others may be addicted to drugs or alcohol, my wife is addicted to PCH. The package has not been opened. It does not have to be. My wife can not recall what she bought. It is a surprise. I am not convinced.

         There a million online games along with the gifts for unknown friends and family. Too often I hear it is just what I wanted. "Just think of what we will do with all the money. Stamp after stamp with contest finds its way immediately into the mailbox. I am convinced it is this passion for something that make one better is at the core of addiction.

[Indent]Even as I elucidate my feelings my wife heads to the kitchen to get her latest treasure. It is like a fix that feeds into a cluster of other endorphin producing substances. I wonder often does she like PCH more than me. Publishing Clearing House is getting under my skin like a bad needle. I hang on hoping the nightmare will go away. The package contained more word search puzzles. I search for words to once again voice protest. The gift is a bottomless pit. Watch out do not let yourself get pushed into the bottomless pit. You may not get out!!
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