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Dialogue only - Two friends bid farewell.
“Oh! My dear grandfather, White Pine. I feel as if I am abandoning you.”

“Never fear, dear friend Abel. I have lived long enough to know that this moment was inevitable. You are mobile and I…well, I am more stable and established. It is ever the way of trees. I do appreciate your warm hugs though. I will miss them.”

“I will miss you too, Grandfather White Pine. Of all the trees on our farm I have loved you best. And now, I must move away. I fear that I may never see you again.”

“You will love again dear Abel. There are many fine and wonderful trees in the world. You can seek them out and love them, as you have loved me.”

“Yes, I love all trees, Grandfather. But you are so special. How can I bear to leave?”

“It is difficult for me as well, dear Abel. I remember when you were born. I peeked into the window as you slept. I remember the day you first peered up at me. You were such a wee, little sprout.”

“Mother says my first words were talking to you.”

“Yes, I remember. It was something along the lines of gurgle-smurgle-blap. Then you gave me your first little hug and got pine sap on your fingers, your clothes, and in your hair. I thought your mother would cut me down after that little episode.”

“It was a near thing I think. Mother lectured me often about how trees are not people and I just can’t go around hugging them all the time.

“We had many fine conversations didn’t we, Abel my friend?”

“We did dear Grandfather.”

“When will you leave dear Abel? Where will you go? Will you come back to visit?”

“The people who bought our farm will take possession tomorrow. The Andersons. They seem very nice. And they absolutely love you Grandfather. They have assured me they will protect you. I will take my new job in the city, 40 miles away. The Andersons say I can come visit you anytime, but I can tell they think I’m a little weird.”

“You are not weird, dear friend Abel. You are kind, sensitive, and you have a keen understanding of the value Creator places on his good creation. While the fall of man has contributed to the suffering of all. The redemption of man, through Messiah, promises hope to all. I can see some of Him in you, dear Abel.”

“Oh Grandfather! I long for the day of complete redemption when neither animal, nor plant will suffer the consequences of man’s rebellion.”

“Yes, dear Abel. Until then we must carry on in the Creator’s will, and be patient. Though all creation groans together, he has promised to come again.”

“Farewell, dear grandfather.”

“Farewell, my dear Abel”

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