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This the quote from Eleanor Roosevelt: "You Must Do The Thing You think You cannot do"
"You must do the thing you think you cannot do"

Eleanor Roosevelt

If you are faced with an obstacle that you fear you cannot do, the fear will cripple you from trying to other things. It is like riding a horse. If you fall off that horse for any reason, whether or not the horse bucked you off or you just have a mishap and fell off, the fear of falling off again will always be there.

If the horse bucked you off and you do not get back on the horse won. Only by getting back on and learning to ride out the bucking "storm" can you win.

If, on the other hand, you fell off because of a mishap, let's say you were riding along a country road and a passing driver blow his/her horn and scared the horse and it reared and you fell off the horse. You need to get back on. There will always be that fear of it happening again; however, in this scenario you need to learn a valuable lesson. You need to get back on the horse and learn that it is not safe to ride horse back on a public road.
Now, getting back to doing the thing you think you cannot do. I never in my wildest dream thought I could put two sentences together much less write an article. I had no problem writing essays or term papers in college. I was sure that no one would my articles much less pay me to write them. However, I found out that writing an article was much like writing an essay just more word.

We learn by doing. Yes, many times we make mistakes. If we learn by those mistakes we become better at that thing we try. I make greeting cards, 3-D greeting cards. I watched this video on making this flower 3-D card ten times. I tried to make it and throw my hands up and thought there is no way I was ever going make just one card. Then I went back and watch that video again. At each step I stopped the video and reran it ten more times. Now I can say, with pride, I can make 3-D birthday cake cards.

If you think you cannot do sometime and you just walk away from it you lose. You lose in two ways. You lose your self-esteem and you lose the pride in knowing you "DID IT!"

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