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Read this, and you might grasp an understanding of how confusing my mind is. Even to me.
Brains are an incredible thing.To think that all of our lives, every last aspect of who and what we are, is all focused into the brain. Our memories, our whole past. Of course, when you look at it on that scale, it makes our lives seem so much more insignificant. I like to believe that every life is significant, every person is the center of their own universe. Speaking of the universe, that's another wonderful thing. It is literally the whole of creation. An ever expanding plane, full of planets, stars, black holes, and who knows what else. I do ponder though, what lies beyond the universe? Sure it's ever expanding, but it couldn't really go on forever. It had to have had a starting point, unless of course we're that starting point. What if it all started here? As our small little solar system? And its just been expanding outward in every direction since the start of creation. That however, proposes the question of how everything was created in the first place. Scientists talk of the big bang, religions believe in some higher power creating it all. For this I'm just going to label that higher power as God. Take it as whatever god you like. Christian god, Islamic god, maybe some powerful Wicca god. God all the same. To think that there is some all powerful, omnipotent being up above (Or down below, or in another dimension, however you care to look at it), just raises more questions than it does answers. And sure religion tries to answer most of these questions and have people follow them and consider them fact, acting on nothing but faith alone. What about the questions that religion can't answer though? Like if there is a god, what created him (or her)? Sure, you can say "Nothing, he's been around since the dawn of time, before time, even." However that explanation once again only raises more questions. Like what came before time? Was it just an empty nothingness? If that is the case, how could God have been placed into that nothingness. What if, God was once from a race like humans. What if that entire race died out and he was the last man standing. What if when our race dies out, the last of us becomes a God unto a whole new universe. That would imply that God was not the first or last god. If that's the case, then what happened to all the gods before him? Or, new theory, what if (like i stated before) there was a whole other race like humans. But maybe not just one race, an entire universe of life. And what if that entire universe died, and with it's final breath, created our universe? It would mean that all throughout time, there have been millions of universes, (Or maybe two, depending on where we stand in that timeline) and possibly thousands of other races just like ours. New thought, what if there is only one universe and it eventually will expand to the point where it reaches its own limits, rebounds off of some kind of wall, or maybe just reaches its own maximum length, and begins to pull itself back to its starting point. Bringing everything that it ever created colliding together, closing in on itself and causing one giant explosion from the collision of all the planets and stars. And that explosion is the "big bang" that starts to make the universe expand again. Picture it like this, you throw a rubber ball as hard as you can at a wall, that ball hits the wall and comes rebounding right back at you. But instead of you, there's another wall. And it infinitely bounces back and forth between its starting place and where it first rebounded back. Like that, but on a much slower scale. Now, if that is the case, we would be in the phase of the ball being thrown, as science has proven that our universe is constantly expanding. We would be at the beginning, or maybe close to the middle, of the timeline of our own universe. That would make me wonder though, where would we be in the timeline of all universes. First? Hundredth? Thousandth? It truly blows my mind to even consider. And I'd rather not have my mind blown, it's already scrambled enough as it is.
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