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Ideas of what AI should be
The AI

This is a discussion about what could happen with AI if the developers are short sighted.

Lets get right down to the nuts and (no pun intended) bolts. Most people still think of Artificial Intelligence as robots. Some computer idea of a smarter phone. The idea of lots of computers hooked up together like a great hookup after the club.

The truth is that its computer programs that can learn, just like a human baby, but without the emotions. To Understand this, it helps to know that currently, what they are teaching to learn has 10 times more connections than the human brain does. That means if it were already as smart as a human, it would have taken over the world already. Get your overlord outfits out!

But AI is still in a learning phase. They released a few AI onto Facebook, told it to talk to the other AI's and try to negotiate deals with each other. (I have no idea what they were supposed to negotiate.)

Guess what the first thing they started doing was? Yeah, creating their own language. They realized human language was to cumbersome, too whatever and started creating their own language. More efficient. The programmers saw this and put constraints on them. I wonder if they had let them go, if they could figure out the result of that language at the end?

Just a few AI on Facebook and they start up their own language. That's either super cool or scary.

This is not a book or a short story. Just an OPED.

I remember 20 years ago when the idea of AI was just talk. Even way back then I had the idea that our brains were just computers. Yes, it also controlled the chemicals in our body, emotions, etc, but thought I had my thoughts about it, I didn't really think I would live to see it.

People always say a computer, or a robot is just a machine. It can never have emotion, so it can never be considered a life form. We made it. Its not life.

I could start this conversation with the idea that God made man in his image, and I guess we are less than God but still like him. We have that absolute need to do the same thing. Its like some kind of warped fractal.

But still we pursue to make a thing that can think like us, act like us, be like us. Its just the way we are. An obsession. But can we make a being? Does it have to have biological life to be a life-form? If we represent all that we are into the thinking sphere, does that come close to being our child?

With AI having ten times more synapses for the current version, it has the opportunity to become self aware, or at least have that idea. Which is just what we have, that idea. Since its us who tells it it could be self aware, can it be? I know we have our own ideas about what is self aware. We are. We think, therefore we are. That is our current idea of what is self aware. Just knowing we exist pretty much.

Ok, if we do create a program that is so advanced that it does become self aware, (not really hard to imagine) what happens then? Is it a life form? If it has the same capacity to think as we do, well its going to be hard to stop it from evolving.

My real point here is that although most people think of computers and AI as just something that we are working on, there will come a day when it will outpace us mentally, alive or not.

Doesn't really matter if you consider the new idea alive or just a machine. Those that believe in the soul will always consider AI as just a machine anyway. Doesn't really matter. They will have the brains to out do humans within the next ten to twenty years.

The real issue is will we give AI emotions.

As a human myself, I can attest to the fact that even with a high IQ, I could never make the best decisions without emotion. Its what gives us balance. Instead of just killing everyone that pisses us off, we would feel really bad if we did that. We care for our kids because we care about them. Otherwise, we'd just turn them out at birth and say, “good luck kid.”

Its our emotion that keeps us balanced and gives us the the foresight to help each other. Its really what makes us human. We are trying to create ourselves with computers. I hope that we add emotion to that, or we just have another sociopath that wants to run a corporation, kill lots of people or be President. Those guys (Sociopaths) are just computers without emotions.

That is why I sincerely hope that the programmers of AI add the idea of emotion, a conscience to their creations. Give them an unsolvable problem to think of at least if they go off track. Like Pi. Lol.
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