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An old picture leads to a family secret 36 lines

I came across a picture
the edges worn and frayed
stuck in the pages of Grandpa's bible.
Just who was this lovely maid?

On the back, the script quite faded,
Liara was all it said.
There was only one who knew about her
but Grandpa Jack was dead.

I showed the photo to my family,
all questions drew a blank.
My Grandma strangely silent.
My Dad said, "Ask Uncle Frank."

I could not help but notice
my Grandma so upset.
Just who was this lovely woman?
What story would we get?

Frank gently held the photo.
A finger traced the face.
For a moment lost in memory
in another time and place.

To my father, he finally answered
Liara was Jack's first wife.
They were young and briefly married,
Liara took her life.

She suffered from consumption;
her health in quick decline.
She could not bear to see Jack suffer,
so she took poison in her wine.

This first marriage such a shock to us,
such an awful tale of woe.
Her picture hidden in a bible,
where only he would know.

We put the photo in the bible.
The book now safely tucked away.
It's the way my Grandpa left it.
That's the way that it will stay.
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