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A romantic date story of two people get together with a sweet date
This is a story of Freddy Fazbear and Bonnie The cat who became a couple and had a cute date.

It was daylight bonnie was sitting at her desk drawing too busy having her fantasy in her soft head, Freddy is home with his mum Theresa, dad Raymond, sister kacey, brother Funtime Freddy, brother Corey and his little brother Loui Freddy wanted to do something with bonnie today and he gives her a call.

Bonnie received a call from Freddy she picks up the phone and answers Freddy had bonnie had a little conversation after that Freddy comes out saying "hey, Ummm bonnie would you like to date me?" bonnie was happy yet shocked she replied "oh, freddy I will date you" bonnie smiled in joy and Freddy giggles in joy.

Freddy comes to Bonnie's house at 8 AM they stayed for a little and then the both went out he took her in his TOYOTA car and took her to a special restaurant she never been before, they both sat down and looked at the menu bonnie can't believe all the delicious food that's on the menu she can't choose what to eat.

Freddy Fazbear can't chose either there is so much good food to eat Freddy quickly ordered his food and bonnie did the same thing they both chose their drinks and desert and waited for their food they decided to chat for a little bit bonnie felt nervous and Freddy knew he calms her down and she's feeling OK.

The both finished their food paid for the food and left Freddy decided to take bonnie to a bridge with a flowing river underneath they enjoyed the beautiful view they then cuddle and was there a few hours he decided tut enough to take bonnie to his place where she can be for the night so stay out of the house where drama always starts she is happy to be with Freddy for the night, the both are in their bedtime cloths got into bed together and cuddled all night.

This is all I'm stubborn to finish this XD
Freddy Fazbear belongs to Scott Cawthon
Bonnie The Cat belongs to me @Devil-Freddy
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