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A little amusement at the pig pen.
A Pig Named Snorty

Once upon a time there was this pig named Snorty, Every day, when Farmer Bill walked by the pig pen, Snorty would raise his head and give Bill three snorts, which made farmer Bill laugh hysterically. One day Farmer Bill was on his way to the barn to milk the cows and as usual passed by the pig pen but Snorty wouldn't even look at Bill. He just buried his snout in the hot mud like all of the other pigs, so Farmer Bill called for Laura the vet to check him out, thinking Snorty might be ill.

"He looks fine to me" said Laura. "You said he's still eating and going to the bathroom so I'm not sure why his behavior has changed? I'll give him a shot of B vitamins and see if that perks him up."

A week went by without a snort from Snorty. Because of that and the fact that the pig was getting so fat from not being butchered for so long, farmer Bill took Snorty out to the shed to shoot his brains out, but Bill just couldn't kill that pig who had given him so much joy by snorting at him for the last three years. He would raise the shotgun up and point it at Snorty's face, then lower it and tear up a little then raise it up again, until finally, the third time Bill raised the gun, Snorty reared up his head and gave Bill three powerful snorts causing the farmer to drop the gun and laugh hysterically once again.

So every day without fail for the next six years, farmer Bill got his three snorts which never failed to bring him laughter, until the day when Bill found Snorty who had passed away from old age. Bills eyes teared up as he went to scoop the pigs body into the wagon. Right after he pulled the wagon from the pen, he heard a little commotion, so he turned around. It was a little black piglet that raised his head up, looked at Bill and gave him (you guessed it), three little snorts. Bill couldn't believe it and started laughing so hard he bent over and ripped the seat out of his overalls. In all of his years of raising pigs, he would get one or two snorts from some of the pigs but never three, except for Snorty and now Snorty Junior, who never failed to give Bill his three snorts a day.   

This was a short story prompt from Bubblegum Jones "Fill in the Blanks" idea.
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