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An introduction to the world my characters will reside upon.
On a planet, before there was earth, life resided much like we know it today. The gods called this earth-like planet Zanarian. Mostly formed in water, it too housed lands and islands covered in dirt, grass, trees, rocks and mountains. Animals would dwell in trees, caves, holes, in the forest, and in the waters of fresh and salt.
What made Zanarian so unique? The planet was home to all our beliefs. Yes that is correct. The gods we have all prayed to or feared, and the ones we thought of as mythological or part of fairy tales. They were all as real as the dwarf, the elf, ogres and orcs, vampires and ware-wolves, witches and wizards, and let us note the trolls and man sized lizards.
Now, this may be another story for another time, but I am alive on your planet now. I am an ancestor to Eve who you are about to learn so much about. My name is Ditra and I am sharing this story with the rest of the human race as a warning to the planet earth. You see, your planet may be heading for the same fate as Zanarian had faced.

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