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How I see myself as a writer through a social cause that I support.
Expression through Writing: My View on Healthcare

I desire to be a surgeon in a healthcare system in which everyone is equally entitled to my services and intend to express this through my current and future writing. In my eyes, writing is a mean of expression similar to that of verbal or physical expression. One can verbally state or physically show how he or she feels just as one can compose feelings into a piece of writing. In fact, I support that writing is typically the best means of expression because generally more thought is put into writing as opposed to a spoken sentence or a physical action. As a very organized and analytical person, I express myself through mechanical-like writing. One of my expressions is my particular interest in the healthcare industry and how medical care should be available to everyone. This interest has developed through life experiences such as seeing the effects the inadequate healthcare system, participating in providing basic health learning services for those in need and simply being involved in the medical community. Speaking from the systematic perspective in which I write, many people in the United States are born into situations in which earning enough money for proper healthcare and simply learning the best ways to promote good health is not feasible; everyone is a person and deserves to live to their greatest health potential.

Although I do not write often, when I do write, I express my thoughts through detailed, structured writing. Therefore, I would identify as a technical writer. I typically enjoy writing about subjects that I am passionate about, as most writers do. My passion, medicine and the healthcare industry, stems from my career goal which is to become a surgeon. With this goal, a large part of my life is linked with the medical community. Through my schooling, volunteering, extracurricular activities and research, I am involved with the hospital and dedicating my time to
helping the health of others. I enjoy writing about this subject because I am genuinely interested in it and hope to be involved in the medical community for the remainder of my life.

Through my involvement over the years, I see those who can afford health care, but only hear about those who cannot. I am personally interested in healthcare being accessible to every United States citizen; many people cannot afford proper means of medical care and I believe everyone deserves an equal chance to be healthy. I know of my grandfather who works extremely hard at an old age so that him and my grandmother can afford their prescriptions. This helps me better understand and directly feel the effects of the costly healthcare system in the United States. Another experience related to my belief is my shadowing of a neurosurgeon in my hometown. Through the 21 hours that I observed Dr. Hollis, he explained to me the importance of focus on the patient, not the disease. He talked about how he strives to provide individualized care to each of his patients and that helping the health of others is his only concern. All Dr. Hollis's patients were so grateful and happy to be receiving the wonderful care he provided. Seeing this significantly influenced my support for everyone receiving healthcare because I want to become a surgeon like Dr. Hollis, one that cares about the patients, not the money or the disease.

Although I support the fact that all people are entitled to some form of healthcare, unfortunately, I do not know the exact solution in which this can be done. Over the past eight years, the number one topic regarding healthcare is Obamacare. Many have argued this as a solution to the issue I support. Though, there is a great deal who have also argued that Obamacare has only raised costs for many individuals and has not actually reached the goal of providing healthcare for everyone. With the results from the most recent election, one of the top priorities is to repeal Obamacare and implement a new system in which the idea that United States citizens all receive means of medical care is met. I support the goal that both systems are reaching toward, but, from an analytical viewpoint, am not fully educated enough to provide a system in which this goal can be fully reached. High medical bills, high prescription costs and high insurance rates make providing healthcare to all citizens very difficult. My other grandmother has recently been having trouble with several severe blood clots and often discusses the extreme price of her blood thinning medication; she stated the other day "I can't imagine what someone would do if he or she could not afford this." However, I do know that several other countries have developed a socialized healthcare system in which all citizens are provided with a form medical care. Progression toward socialized healthcare, though, demands for more healthcare workers. The great cost of medical school and the malpractice insurance, also known as the liability, that comes with becoming a healthcare provider decreases the number of people who want work in the healthcare industry. Therefore, there must be some type of compromise for the United States.

Regarding exposure to health beneficial ways of life, I support the implementation of more volunteer based organizations. At Ohio State, I am involved with an organization called Medlife where students can participate in workshops across the Columbus community that teach underprivileged areas simple techniques for promoting health. Becoming involved with Medlife this year has opened my eyes to the idea that this type of basic instruction can immensely benefit the heath of struggling communities. Although one raised with proper medical care may take certain practices, such as learning how to correctly brush teeth or learning how to consume a healthy, balanced diet, for granted, many United States citizens do not actually know how to do these types of everyday bodily caretaking. As the writer I am, I support these types of organizations because it is evident that, with logical evaluation, there is only a positive outcome. As the writer I will become as I progress toward my medical career, I will push for more organizations like Medlife across the United States.

I believe writing functions for expression and I do so through my technical writing. Systematically assessing the idea that all United States citizens are entitled to some form of healthcare is a heavily debated topic in the United States currently, but a cause that I know I support based on my life experiences and what I hold as a human right. I have a passion for medicine and express this often through my writing pieces. My career goal being in the healthcare industry only furthers my support for this cause and will likely be the reason I would write to support medical care for all citizens in the future.

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