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by Shelby
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Teen · #2126844
Set in a parking lot, a conversation between friends about cheating on a research paper.

         “What were you thinking?” Madison says. I shrug uncomfortably. “You know that’s illegal, right?” she continues.
         “Yeah, I know,” I reply.
         “Why, Jessica?” she asks me again. I don’t answer. “I just want to know why you did what Ally and all them told you to do.” She says this part more calmly.
         “I wanted them to like me,” I finally admit. Madison turns a corner in the parking garage. She turns too wide and has to put her truck in reverse to do a 3-point turn. Her red pickup is huge.
         “You wanted Ally and her bitchy friends to like you?!” Madison shouts.
         “They’re cool, you know?” This time Madison doesn’t speak. “I just want to stop being the ugly, smart loser who is good at writing research papers.”
Madison stops and turns off the truck and looks at me.
         “You think you’re a loser?” Madison snaps. “Jessica, you’re the most intelligent person I know. You’re not even ugly. That’s just high school brainwashing you. You’re beautiful.”
I give her a small smile. Madison starts the car back up and we finally find a parking spot.
         “I say you tell Mrs. Pearson about it.”
         “Then I’ll get in trouble for writing their papers! I’ll get a 0!”
         “Yeah, but so will they,” Madison says with a smirk.

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2126844-642-Things-to-Write-About-Prompt-1