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The tale as old as time, the love story. The moment in your life where you forget about the concept of time and the world gives you. Love, that 4 letter word for a feeling that is unknown to the majority of us. Where is it, where can I find it... Does it even exist at all? It does, you find someone that takes the breathe from your body and your muscles tense up. You hesitate, you hold back your words to ensure that you will not make a mistake. You can not mess this up, it is your salvation, it is forever and you shutter at the fact it's here and now. How does this happen? The shadow of a former life and misery beyond compare and I found this gem, this light in the distance to bring me home again. The shore is rocky, the adventure is immeasurable in terms of assurance. But we are safe, we are warm and we remain intact. We can hold on loved ones tight and all we can say is a simple 'Thank you"
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