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When a cheerleader receives a new uniform, she finds that it changes her and her body...
Hearing a knock at the door, Lucy looked up from her laptop. She glanced over at her clock, which read '8:17PM'.
"Who'd be calling at this time?" She wondered, getting to her feet. As far as she knew, nobody was meant to be calling. Most of her friends lived across time, and none would informing her first. It could be her parents, but they weren't supposed to be back until tomorrow.

Pulling on her dressing gown, Lucy paused in front of her mirror. Even if she was just lounging around the house, she liked to look somewhat presentable. Grabbing her hair brush, she dragged it through her brown hair, dragging it to its usual shoulder length shape. Casting a final eye over her body, Lucy smiled.
Her body was, by no means, easy to ignore. She was one of the best cheerleaders in her school, and was in line to take over the entire squad, if it wasn't for that bitch, Serena. Even thinking about the ginger haired smartass brought a scowl to Lucy's pretty face. While Lucy had the body, but not the mind, Serena had both. She was easily Lucy's equal when it came to cheerleading, not that Lucy would ever admit that. However, Serena was way smarter than her, passing through every test set in front of her. Lucy, on the other hand, was good at Math and English, but even in them, she was nowhere near Serena.

She glanced over at her uniform, a blue and yellow top with the school initials proudly written across the chest, and the matching skirt. She fit into the uniform perfectly, her ample bust shown off by the tightness of the top. Her round backside was just as prominent, if not more.
She loved how perfect her body was, and loved rubbing it in other people's faces. Especially Serena's. Lucy's breasts were clearly much bigger than hers, a fact that she refused to let Serena forget. She wore clothes that accentuated her bust, like her trusty old tank-top and her jeans, while Serena did all she could to hide her body, appearing in school everyday with baggy black t-shirts and the same old leather jacket that looked as though it belonged in the 1950s.

Another knock at the door pulled Lucy away from her thoughts of her personal enemy. Lucy may hate Serena, but Serena never really reciprocated that hate. In fact, Serena just kind of ignored it and treated Lucy as an equal, which they kind of were, but once again, Lucy would never admit that.
"Coming now!" Lucy shouted, running out of her room. She jumped down the stairs, taking them two at a time. Reaching the front door, she unlocked it and opened it to find...
"A box?"
A simple looking cardboard box sat on the doorstep. There was no indication of who sent it, or what was in it. All the box had on it was the words 'For Lucy' scrawled on the lid.
Sticking her head out the door, Lucy looked around for whoever left the box on her doorstep, but found nothing. Grabbing the box, she kicked the door closed behind her and headed back to her room.

Setting the box on her desk, Lucy ran her eye over it. She had absolutely no idea why the box was even here. For once, she hadn't impulsively ordered something online, and her parents hadn't told her to expect any deliveries.
"You know, I should probably leave this..." Lucy said to herself before grinning. "Yeah, right! Let's see what's inside the box!"
Grabbing her pen-knife, she ran the blade down the binding tape. Once it was out of the way, she ripped the box open. What was inside caused Lucy to let out a squeal of delight.
"Oh my God!" She yelled happily. "The Head Cheerleaders Uniform!"
She pulled the two piece uniform out of the box and gently spread it out over her bed.

The uniform differed greatly from her current one. While hers was blue and yellow, the Head Cheerleader's was blue, with a splash of pink and outlined in white. However, something about it irritated Lucy.
"Why aren't the school initials here?" She wondered, running her hand over the top. Instead, a white 'BIM' was inscribed. However, her question soon faded as Lucy clapped her hands together happily.
"Let's see if it fits!" She squealed, pulling off her dressing gown and chucking it in the corner. Her nightgown followed, leaving Lucy in just her underwear. Grabbing the top, Lucy slipped into it.
"It's too big!" She exclaimed unhappily, looking in her mirror.
While her old one had been a perfect fit, this one was way too big when it came to the chest. For the first time in Lucy's life, her breasts weren't big enough.
"This sucks!" She almost wailed. "The skirt had better fit!"
Grabbing the skirt, she pulled it up her legs and...
"This doesn't fit either!" Lucy shouted angrily. "What the hell is wrong with this uniform?!"

As much as Lucy now wanted to throw the uniform away, it did belong to the Head Cheerleader. Plus, it did look kinda cool...
Heading back toward her mirror, Lucy's furious expression slowly faded, replaced with a vapid grin. Her green eyes changed colour. They were replaced with a set of vibrant blue eyes.
"I must look so hot in this..." Lucy giggled, twirling a couple of strands of hair around one of her fingers. As she did, she didn't notice her brown hair lightening until it became a platinum blonde. After it had changed colour, her hair started growing, quickly reaching her round rump.
Now transfixed with her changing reflection, something she was somehow completely oblivious to, Lucy giggled again, her voice raising in pitch as she did.
"Like, I can imagine all the boys now..." She purred seductively.

As Lucy played with her hair, the changes spread to the rest of her body. Her breasts became bigger, quickly surpassing the size of watermelons. As they did, Lucy subconsciously moved her free hand towards one. She groped the growing orb, moaning as it reached the size of her head.
"Like, that feels so good!"
Her breasts stopped their growth when the top, formerly too small for her, fit perfectly and showed off Lucy's new cleavage. Next to change was Lucy's ass and hips. Her ass cheeks became rounder and fuller, slowly enveloping her panties and turning them into a thong. Her hips cracked outwards until, like the top, the skirt fit Lucy's enlarged lower body perfectly. However, the skirt showed off Lucy's large ass a bit too well, as it didn't fully cover the two round globes of flesh, allowing the world to see the bottom of the two cheeks.

As Lucy fondled one of her breasts, her free hand moved down and played with one of her ass cheeks. She gave it a hearty slap, giggling as the sound resonated throughout her room.
"Like, I am so sexy!" She squealed. "That bitch has absolutely nothing on my hot body!"
As if responding to Lucy's mention of Serena, the changes intensified. Lucy's pale skin darkened, stopping when it was a shade of copper. Her hair grew again, now tickling the back of her knees. Her breasts, already massive, jumped up a size. The top strained to cover the massive gloves and rode up slightly, revealing the bottom of Lucy's copper breasts. Her hips cracked outwards again and her ass swelled. Her skirt revealed more of Lucy's ass.

"I am such a sexy girl!" Lucy said as she continued to fondle one of her breasts. "Like, I would totally do me!"
As Lucy's hands moved towards the front of her skirt, a sudden stab of pain shot through her head, causing her to double over and clutch her head.
"Like, owie!" She cried out.
Still clutching her head, Lucy's intelligence dropped dramatically. Thoughts of Math and English were replaced with thoughts of how to please both boys and girls. Soon, all that remained in Lucy's head were thoughts of sex, and how she wanted it badly.
Straightening up, Lucy grinned. Her blue eyes gleaned as she ran a copper hand through her blonde hair. The other hand fiddled with one of her stiff nipples before slapping her ass again.
"Like, I totally need a hot boy, like, now," She murmered to herself before leaving her room, her hips swaying in an erotic manned as she did.

Hearing the front door open, the ginger haired girl shrunk back into the shadows. She grinned as she saw a girl with breasts the size of someone's head, and an ass that was half-visible. The blue and pink cheerleading uniform was clearly visible as she turned into the light to lock the door. After a couple of attempts, the door eventually got locked. Watching Lucy sway her way down the the street and out of sight, Serena grinned.
"Who would've thought that black blended in with the night?" She asked herself before grinning again. "Well, Lucy, I tried to befriend you. But some advice for the future. Never make enemies with someone with magical abilities".
With a final grin, Serena pulled her hood up, shoved her hands into her pockets, and headed home.
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