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by Sharon
Rated: E · Assignment · Adult · #2127005
I created a video which aims at telling people not to struggle for their body image.
Video Link: https://youtu.be/eIFZ3JG9pCw
PSA Artist Statement Assignment
For this project, I want to tell the audience, the group of people who are unsatisfied with their outlook that people don’t have to struggle for their body image. Instead, people should be aware of their beauty inside and love themselves as they are, rather than be twisted by the so called beauty standard, regardless of their age, gender, color, size or look.
In this project, I combined the rhetorical, material, methodological, and technological choices to achieve my purpose. The media I chose to use is video. I think video works effectively, in which I can add both images and music, making it more vivid and attractive. My intended audiences are the group of people who are unsatisfied with their outlook and want to make some changes. And my purpose of this project is to tell people there is no need to worry about one’s appearance and it’s more important to focus on the inside part of the attractiveness. To achieve this purpose, I integrated ethos and pathos in my project. To establish ethos, I used statistic to argue the serious issues caused by losing weight blindly, which can be a strong support of my argument and make my project more persuasive. And to establish pathos, I chose a part of the song named “Scars to your beautiful” as the background music. The lyrics like “but there’s a hope that’s waiting for you in the dark, you should know you are beautiful just the way you are” call out the theme of the song, not to worry about how you look like and try to change your appearance, but try to accept yourself as perfect. In this case, the “hope” is the change of attitude, which is more subjective thus powerful. Since there is more self-acceptance, eventually the world will change its heart. I think the background music works effectively in establishing pathos to audience, which creates the atmosphere and makes the audience share the same feeling that “you should know you beautiful just the way you are”. In addition, the images I used also established pathos. The girl in the first image looks unsatisfied with her figure, writing a red word-“FAT” on the mirror. It seems like the girl is annoyed with her weight. This image is just a reflection of the social trend that nowadays more and more people have body dissatisfaction. So this image works with the texts and background music, grabbing audiences’ attention. Another image looks not good but it’s a picture of the size zero model, a girl who starves in order to keep slim. Size zero is the standard body size of models, which is almost unrealistic and unhealthy. This image may make people feel uncomfortable because the girl in this image looks strange and only skin and bones. I think this image is effectively to tell people not to starve and lose weight blindly. In order to fit in those beautiful clothes, be like the sexy or gorgeous models, many people who are unsatisfied with their body are trying to lose weight, which might lead to a common problem of eating disorder, or even more serious problems, such as anorexia. I used another image that made up with several words to explain the negative effects of anorexia. Also, the statistics that I used works with the image, making it more persuasive to tell the audience that anorexia is such a serious eating disorder which will be harmful to people’s health. To tell people what we should be aware of is our beauty inside, I chose a positive image with a motto, which helps people to understand the deeper meaning of beauty. The images and music I chose work together to achieve the purpose of my project and make it more persuasive and convincing. I used the app named “iMovie” in my cell phone. It is simple and easy to create a video on this app. It enables me to add both images and background music. I chose this technology because it’s convenient to use.
The various elements I used in this project work together. I hope this project not only inform people the negative results of losing weight, but also inspire people to focus more on the inside beauty. People should define beauty in a deeper sense: it’s not coming from outside that you need to pursue at all costs, it’s already there, the uniqueness of each person. Just as the lyrics goes, “You don't need to change a thing, the world will change its heart.” “No scars to your beautiful, we are stars we are beautiful.”

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