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by D-Dubs
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Lyrics about a man trying to find comfort through nature and solitude.

I'll crawl into a deep river,
stay there till I run dry.
I'll let that water's current,
hold me while I cry.
(Hold me while I cry.)

I'll hide myself in shadow,
away from harsh sunshine.
I'll let the coolness of the forest,
grow a heart of knotted pine.
(A heart of knotted one.)

I'll stand inside a tempest,
in the tumult find the eye.
I'll howl with father Thunder,
arms raised to the sky
(Arms raised to the sky.)

I'll scale the highest mountain,
kneel there at its peak.
I'll let the world grow silent,
wait for stone to speak.
(Wait for stone to speak.)

I'll temper myself with fire,
warm as a second womb.
I'll let the Refiner's pyre,
turn my pain to plumes.
(Turn my pain to plumes).

I'll wade into that blue ocean,
way up past my sin.
I'll let the waves break over me,
then make me whole again.
(Make me whole again.)

I'll lay myself down gently,
six feet in mother Earth.
I'll let her final embrace,
take away my hurt.
(Just take away my hurt.)

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