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I Left The Light On

I left the light on for you,
Just like I always did.
Yes, I know you're an adult
no longer a little kid,

I know I'm not to worry,
but, that's what Mothers do.
My heart and mind can't rest
Till you're safely in my view.

I know you think it's silly,
That a mother could know best.
After all, I've always kept you
Safe inside this little nest

Then life took you away,
With your own life to live.
To have you know how I pray,
for you, Oh, what I would give!

I know you're grown but trust me I'm right
Soon you will see and finally understand.
When You reach one night to turn the light
And you'll picture your Mother's hand.

So, please remember as the years pass by
While enjoying the warmth of the light's hue.
You're forever a child, in my eyes.
I leave the light on, my dear, for you.

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