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Saying goodbye to a very special cousin who died today.
To my cousin Geechee Gal who departed this life this morning, July 4, 2017, at 2:14 a.m.

God Picks and Chooses His Flower

Just as you think you understand death
God gives you a new twist to explore
Flowers are all flowers, even when they are different
Roses are roses no matter the shade or color
Violets are still violets even when they have different names
Orchids are orchids in their many splendid shades
So are people, regardless of the color of their skin
All people are special flowers to Him
So as He watches over us, and He chooses his bouquet
He has the choice to choose each flower for the day
Fresh and beautiful, young and old
Black, White, Yellow, tall, short, mellow, and bold
No flower is the same even when in the same family
When He, God chooses His flower, He chooses carefully
He looks over His entire world before he plucks just the right one
He checks the size, the color, and the grade
He knows in advance just which one He wants today
His job is not always easy because his choices are so great
But like the master gardener, He is His choices never get to stay
He plucks more than one on any given day
Because there are so many and pretty in this place
We think that He’s forgotten us as we go on day after day
Then one day, He whispers our name gently in the breeze
Although we were not really listening, we answer anyway
Today God chose Geechee Gal for His bouquet
She chose to answer, but not right away
She stood out in the field and lingered for a few days
But then God nudged her, and she drifted right on away
A beautiful flower whose time had come
Fitted just nicely in Gods perfect bouquet
Picked just for God by God's own hands this perfect July day
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