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by fox
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Essay for my english comp english class. I am not a writer so it is rocky. Would love help
Have you ever thought stuffing your covers with pillows would really trick your parents? I thought so. I used to listen to my mom and obey her rules very closely. My dad did not have much of a say and was lacking on enforcing anything. Our relationship was poor and I began to do what any normal teenager would do and rebel. My mother was over protective and thought the whole world was out to get me. I was a free spirit that wanted to do things independently. All of that led to me doing stupid things. Then I had my punishment of course.

Being a mother without a husband she most likely thought she was all on her own. She used to tell me she was trying to be like a father and a mother to me. It was not that I did not have a father but he was not always the best at his job. My mother always wanted to know where I was 24/7 and what I was doing. I did not understand how all these other girls' parents let them do whatever they wanted and my mom would barely let me breath without her say. She even used to text me every hour when I was in school asking about my grades and why I did not have an A or why the teacher had not graded an assignment and so on. For most of my life I was in private school and I was not even allowed to have my phone on my person. I also was not really allowed to sleepover at anyone's house unless she actually knew the family and everything about them. I was not even allowed to ride how with my friends if she did not know them. She kept wanting to be like my shadow and I hated it. "You cannot do this or that, you need to stay home and focus on school."

I could not stand all of the pressure to feel like a perfect child and so shelter. I began to start to rebel and go against anything and everything my mom wanted me to do. I slacked in school because I began to keep my phone on me with all her bothersome texts throughout the school days. I wanted to try and excel but I also wanted to have more fun and get to do things like all my classmates were allowed to. I wanted to go out more and have the freedom my friends did. She used to make me check up with her at football games and school events or even just going to the fair. Then I stopped checking up with her and made sure she could not check my location. Like my father I began to lie to her about where I was, what I was doing, or anything about my schooling that I did not want her to know about. I felt bad because I knew she was trying her hardest but she kept pushing me away. She kept wanting to be like my shadow and I hated it.
All of the things my mom made me feel I was not allowed to do made me want to be wild and break even more rules. So I decided I would sneak out of the house and do it smart. For some reason my mom and I switched rooms so I was closer to the front door. I stuffed the covers with pillows to pretend I was in bed (I thought it would work to). The first night I successfully got in and out of the house without any bad happening. Then the next night I had the same routine and hung out with some friends who had been drinking. One of them who did not like to drink came and picked me up and brought me to the house where everyone was hanging out. Three hours passes and I was having a good time. It was four in the morning and I was on my phone and got an unexpected text from my mom I was not prepared for, "Where are you?". She began to call me and I panicked and she told me she was coming to get me. My friend and I ran to the park across the street to wait for her. Little to my knowledge she had called the cops and they were shining their flash lights looking for be so I ran back to the house and my "friends" had locked me out. So she called asking where I was so I walked back where I saw the cops and my mom waiting for me.
The car ride home was no fun I tried talking to her and then that let into yelling and crying. A couple hours later we went to church and I was miserable because the time when I did not sleep we were going back and worth bickering. She put me on house arrest and had even told my school and that made me oh so angry. Her words were, "If you do not turn yourself in to the school they might find out another way". No one would have told the school so I just got in more trouble than I should have. My school sent me to a rehab program when I did not have a drug or a drinking problem, it was a one-time thing. I avoided talking to her unless I had to. She had taken my phone away also so I could not talk to anyone and I wanted to stay in my room but could only get internet in the front of my house. I hated everything about my punishment and arguments that continued to happen every day. I felt like I was in my own personal hell.
I feel like if my mom was easier on me thing would have been very different. Or maybe if things were different with my at home life. I never wanted to have such a terrible relationship with my parents like that and feel I was to disobey them. While having a rebel experience it was fun and something I can look back on and laugh but at the same time if I could take it back I would because it was stressful to both my mom and I. I have learned a lot from my past and will continue to learn from my mistakes and keep trying to improve my relationship with my mother.

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