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She sat down at the wooden table and waited for Richard to speak, but on the last bite of a hot meal, she had prepared all day, he still hadn’t. He sat back in his chair and rubbed his belly, then drank from his tin cup. Eva knew silence would have gotten her just as far as if words were being spoken, Yet, feeling like there had been something taking him away, was driving her to the end of sanity. “You do not speak much anymore. Are you angry at me for something?”

“Eva, I really do not want to do this tonight. You have done nothing wrong and I am not angry at you. I have something going on and it is a delicate matter, fear not, it is not about you. I will handle it just I handle everything else, so please do stop pestering me!” Richard stood up and pushed his chair against the table, he then gathered his shaving items.

Eva wanted to say more especially about him handling everything else. How could she help chained as an animal in the stables? She wanted to know more about what was keeping him from her at night. Richard had gotten touchy when she pushed the issue, and not wanting to upset him, she resisted for the moment. She got up and begin to clean the dinner scraps while she watched him wash and try to shave. His beautiful long black hair, which used to be a mess at all times, was neatly greased back and clipped into a tail, making his deep blue eyes look like the sky and oceans. Still, she missed the days when he was a mess from working on the farm, and running errands because they did those things together.

“I am going to be home late again.” Richard gave up on his attempt to self-groom as he handed her the blade then sat in a chair.

The basin of water was warm enough to touch as she wet the blade and begin to shave him. “Or will you be home at all? Please do not get angry with me Master? I get very bored and on these chains, and all I have to do is worry and think about something happening to you. I mean how will I know if it does? I will be stuck here bound to these chains without a way of knowing anything. I can not defend my master if I am not in reach of any trouble that may arise.”

“Are you honestly going to have me talk while you have a blade to my face and neck?” Nothing is going to happen to me, and I would not leave you behind! You just need to read or practice your combat skills. If you are going to think the entire night, you're going to burn yourself out by morning. Assure yourself, I am working on a better life for the both of us. We can not live here in the darkness of life for ever Eva. Now enough with all this stuff and help get me on with my night. ” Richard closed his eyes and sat back to ease her reach.

Silence fell upon her lips now but thoughts remained. Memories of her uprising seemed to calm her at times, and as far back as she could recall, is where she always started. Richard and his younger brother Aayden had found her in the blood soaked forest of the Lower Plains. She could still hear them discuss what they would do with the creature they had discovered. Aayden wanted her to be slaughtered, but Richard did not allow it. He had convinced Aayden, he would go back to the Lower Plains after the town had fallen into their beds. That night Richard had come back only to retrieve her and bring her back home with him. Eva had never told Richard of how far back she could remember. Her first memory in the world of Zanarian would always be her secret to keep her from being afraid of losing Richard, at times it even worked. “Alright, You are softer than the bunnies, and smell better than burning pines.”

“Oh good. I will be dressing to impress tonight my sweet Eva. Soon I will tell you more about my journeys, but until I do, please know that you are never far from my heart or my thoughts.” Richard continued to dress then went outside the cabin to await a carriage.

Eva walked across the cabin floor, dragging the chains behind her, and peeked out the window from the side, not be caught. She saw the warm smile on his face. She could also see the small shed where he had hidden her from his family. Recalling suddenly, the day he had received news of his parent's murder. They had been traveling through a town deemed Millen and were slaughtered by Sy Zarcs. Strange creatures that had no sexual identity. They were the only being known on the planet not have a female or a male. They were everyone's enemy and had battled anyone who was not one of them. Richard swore often, the day would come, he would avenge his parents. This was another subject he seemed to have put off since he had been doing whatever it was. “If only I could follow you, Richard Pratt.”

A horse drawn carriage galloped the way up the hill and stopped facing the cabin. She continued to watch as he went to the side and opened a door. A woman stepped down placing her hand on his for support. Eva’s heart raced and sank to her stomach but she did not understand this feeling. Long golden curls seemed to leak from the woman’s hat and drip down her back. She wore yellows lined with green shimmering trims, and she had flawless pale skin. Richard at first, had kissed her hand, then kissed her lips for some time. “Who kisses that long and for what reason?”

The urge to go outside and demand answers to her confusion, boiled within her, but she somehow knew, if she made a sound allowing someone to acknowledge her being, Richard would be very angry with her. Eva felt stuck, hurt, and sad as she watched them get back into the carriage and ride off into the dark night. She then stood feeling her skin and wish the red color of it away. “What am I anyway?”

She walked over to her bed, again dragging the chains behind her on the cabin floor and lie to stare at the ceiling. For the first time, she felt tears roll from her eyes and down her cheeks landing on her ears. Going back inside her own head, she brought her mind back to the shed. Richard had been grieving, and Aayden left home to live with an uncle. It was then, he had taken Eva into the home and decided he would make her, his project. He had taught her to fish when he could sneak her down to the lakes. Farming was mostly book taught, but he tried to get her outside for hands on as much as he could. Reading and writing were things they had sessions for every night. Whenever possible he had brought her out late, while all others slept, to practice combat skills. Richard never did get into the social status in the world, and she could have used that emotional knowledge for the exact moment. Her breathing felt heavy as she began to fall asleep.

“Eva come home to where you belong.” Whispers echoed in the deep forest as she stood alone.
“Who are you? What do you want? Where is home? I am home, am I not?” Eva cried out.
The darkness closed in and she wanted to run but could not. A lady appeared in front of her. I am waiting for you, Eva! Come home. This is for you.”
The woman held her hand out and a necklace hung from her fingers with a gem of some sort set in it. Eva reached for it as the woman seemed to have been getting further away, she reached harder now. “I can not reach it!”

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