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Pondering the meaning of life... if there is one.
I did something bad. I stole money from my mom for food. I have binge-eating disorder. I am so fat. But all I want to do is eat,i'm so stressed. i'm numb. Yet I feel everything, my nose is red from crying,and my eyes are dry and itchy from crying so much. I feel sick to my stomach for everything I did. I haven't eaten because I feel so sick and I hate the idea of going back to my dad's house in 11 days. The person who makes me feel the worst for having depression and having an eating disorder. I self harm,but I haven't in about a month. I'm thinking instead of cutting I should just skip to killing myself. I have hurt a lot of people and frankly I don't think anyone wants to even be near me because I am so ornery and isolated. The few friends that understand are either busy having fun or just busy with summer because my mom's house is not near my friends. I need a plan that's quick and easy, I can't live like this anymore.
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