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by Ari
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A short article about dark matter and the theory of dark energy. Find out about the basics

Dark Matter

         Everything in our universe is made up of matter, from your coffee table, to the stars, even the hair on your head. But, how much of that is acually visible? Suprisingly ordinary matter only makes up five percent of the universe, maybe less! The remainder is seventy percent dark energy and twenty-five percent dark matter. Dark matter is a type of matter that is non-luminous. It gives off no light or gamma rays, making dark matter invisble. On April twenty-fifth 2017 the university of Waterloo captured the first ever picture of dark matter. The picture was taken by professors who used weak gravitational lensing, this is an affect that makes the pictures warp determined by non luminous objects, which in this case is dark matter. Though before this picture was taken scientists could not see dark matter they were still able to see its affects. Some of these include bent light or stars orbiting faster than normal. Dark energy is a mystery to science on both what it is and how it works, it is still a theory and has not yet been proven to even exist. What we do know is dark energy is a force that expands the universe rapidly. The theory of dark energy was created by Albert Einstien, while the theory of dark matter was discovered by astronamer Fritz Zwicky. Isn't it amazing to think only five percent of our universe is visible to the human eye!

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2127343-Dark-matterDark-energy