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Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Action/Adventure · #2127353

Aayden Pratt had desired his brother’s happiness since they lost their parents, and on this night, he was going to build a wall between him and that beast. Despite his best attempts, Richard would not allow a slaughtering when they found her. All the years, he was thought to be clueless of her being, were owed to Aayden's ability to turn a blind eye for his brother. He had known, always.

Aaden reached the Pratt cabin and climbed off his horse unsheathing his sword and observing his environment. He knew Richard would be with his new love for some time, and had no concern of his arrival. He creeped toward the door and stopped at the sounds of cries coming from inside, and waited a moment to assure that no one else was in there with it. He slowly opened the door and quietly crossed the floor boards avoiding the creaky ones as he had when he was just a lad. He could see the shape on the bed in a slumber. He lit the lantern that sat on the table next to her and saw horns atop her head. It rolled over slowly opening her eyes and suddenly sat up quick. “Who are you?”

Aayden stepped two steps back and gripped his sword. “I have come to end your being!”
“It is Aayden. I knew the day would come, and would like to know what took you so long? I do have a better question. You are going to kill me?” Eva had not been scared, and was feeling like this could be the answer she asked for.

“I am Aayden, yes. Younger brother of Richard Pratt and I do not want you in his world holding him back. Yes indeed, I am going to kill you, now stand slowly to your feet!” Again he stepped back twice.

“If i do not do as you command you will kill me twice?” She laughed at herself but stood at a normal pace.

Aayden reached over the fireplace and took a knife off the mantel for extra protection she had born any ideas. “You are just absolutley monsterous! You are the devil himself for fuck sake! I will end you now.”

The words he chose really angered Eva, having already been feeling badly about herself, watched him take the knife. She also watched his other hand with the sword. “You should not have said that.”

“Richard will be wed to Sophia and will forget you in time!” Aayden braved one step toward his prey.

Eva felt her blood run hot and her face felt like it wanted to explode. Anger now began to boil. She stepped into his space and slapped the knife from his hand. “Swing your blade!”

Aayden again braved another step forward and pointed his sword directly on her throat. “I’d rather spear you and watch your blood pour from your beastly body.”

Without another word, or any hesitation, she simply lifted her arm and swayed it to the left. She watched Aaydens head slide from his shoulders and hit the floor rolling twice before it stopped in front of the fireplace. She then picked up the chains that bound her for so long, and pulled them off as easily as thread from fabric. Picking his head up off the floor she held it up to stare into his widened stiff eyes. “Richard will never forget me now.”

Without packing anything, she grabbed only a small coin purse and left the cabin avoiding anyone’s notice. She saw Aayden’s horse waiting for him and decided she could get further with him. As she approached the horse he turned his head and swiftly took off into the woods. “Well that was just hurtful!”

Eva began to run to the east with no knowledge of any kind what lay ahead, but only cared the chains were in the past now. Her heart pounded in fear, her mind raced, and she felt like the world was growing already. She found herself in a confusing twist of paths on the forest floors. She could hear something from the distance behind her that sounded like the galloping of a horse. In the moment she hoped, Aaydens horse had returned but as it drew near she could see a person on it. “Who is that?”

The shadow of a man jumped off the horse before it could come to a complete stop. “Eva it is I, Richard!”

She wanted to run to him but her mind was on freedom now and knew it was what she wanted. “Why would you chase me? You have so much without me.”

“Did you see who killed my brother? I need to know who killed Aayden?” Richard had tears and pain in his eyes.

Eva felt for him but knew he had other priorities in his life now that would always come before her. “That is the only reason you seek me? It was me. I killed your brother, and if I had not killed him, he would have killed me!”

Silence in the forest seemed to come to even the birds. Richard paced back and forth only to stop and hit a tree with his sword twice. He dropped to his knees and pounded the dirt, and held his head as he rocked a few times. “ I have to kill you!”

Eva stood frozen. Emotions pierced inside and caused her to began a protective layer around having anymore. “So stand and do so.”

The look on Richard’s face was one she had never seen. As he stood then walked slowly toward her, his sword dragged on the ground behind him. He walked as closed as he could and stared at her face and she could see his hurt and discus. Time seemed to have frozen as the moonlite speared through the top of the trees illuminating Richard’s expression. “Goodbye Richard Pratt. I wish you well in your new life.”

Eva again faced the east, and walked away from the only being to ever be at her side,and continued on toward freedom
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2127353