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Two girls move to a new town and suddenly everyone the love starts dying...
Chapter One
~Teegan’s POV~

“Hmph” I sigh, “Guess it doesn’t really matter how I look, huh?” I mumbled to myself. Done with looking at my outfit in my body mirror, I turn around and stare at my room. Bare. That’s how it looks, my room that is. Just… bare. Well, with the exception of a few boxes here and there. I can’t believe we are moving. Just up and leaving. I’m sort of excited, but extremely nervous at the same time. I mean, Holmes Chapel is the only place I have ever lived, so I think I have the right to be nervous. Moving 3 hours away doesn’t really sound too bad, I suppose. Fresh start; new town, new school, new boys.

Boys. What fascinating creatures they are. Well, I guess I wouldn’t know much considering I have never really had a boyfriend. I mean, who needs one of those when you have a pathetic buddy!? Violet Jade, the one and only. She’s my pathetic buddy, my bestfriend, my other half. Granted I only met her last year, but trust me, it feels like we have known each other for eternity.


Speak of the devil and she shall appear.. “GIVE ME A SECOND, WILL YA?” I shouted back down to her. Giving myself one last look over, I grabbed my bag and bid my room one last goodbye. “TEE, C’MON!!!” Rolling my eyes, I bee-lined down stairs to find an impatient blonde waiting for me. Offering a small wave and a smile, “Let's get kicking, Vi!” I exclaimed.

“‘Let’s get kicking Vi!’” She mimicked, “Damned arse.” She cursed. Silently laughing, I started down the sidewalk that leads to school, with an annoyed Violet by my side.

“Are you ready to move, Vi?” I softly questioned, glancing over my right shoulder at her. She shrugged, “I guess.. Just sucks that they don’t even care.” She said, looking down. Deeply inhaling, I reached out and grabbed her hand, “I care, and that is all that matters.” I reassured her, “You know it’s their lost. Let those dead beats rot, you don’t need them.” I light heartedly nudged her shoulder.

She looked up to me with her bright blue eyes, “You’re right.” She smiled, “I have you, my pathetic buddy. And that’s enough for me.”

Playfully sticking my tongue out, “It better be, because I’m all you’re gonna get!” I bantered.

~~~~~~~~~Later That Day~~~~~~~~

“Let’s get going, kids!” Mom shouted, gathering the last few things. Climbing in my seat, I buckled up and waited for the rest of my family to do the same. “Ready, Tee?” Omar, my step-dad asked. I nodded and smiled, “Yep! How ya feelin’ old man?”

He lifted one tattooed shoulder up, “I’ve seen brighter days- but this move will do all of us good.” He proclaimed, I shrugged, causing him to look back at me, “Just you wait and see, kid.” He commented then turned to face forward. Squinting, I stared at the back of his big head, what was that supposed to mean? Startled by mom turning the car on, I leaned my head back and closed my eyes. I just hope Omar is right. Maybe this move will benefit us? Who knows? I might meet the love of my life up there in Whitby -- Ha! As if! Thanks, brain. That really means a lot, wanker.

Looking out the window, I was in awe. England's sunsets never cease to amaze me. I absolutely love them, they are just simply magnificent. What a perfect time to read, I decided, grabbing my current book out of my bag. ‘City of Heavenly Fire’ from the ‘Mortal Instruments’ series. Best series ever. Hands down. This is my 4th time reading the series. All 7 books. They just hold you captive!

“Hey, Tee?” my baby brother Michael tapped on my shoulder, making me look back to him. “Yeah?” I asked, “How long until we get there?” He questioned. “Mikey, we just left.” I stated. He nodded, “I know, so how long?” Raising my eyebrow, I answered, “Soo… we have 3 hours to go..” I said slowly. He grinned, “Thanks!” he pipped, then sat back down. Confused, I turned around and tried at my book again, but to no avail, got interrupted again. “Nerd.” Nicole, my grungy older sister remarked, obviously trying to get me annoyed. Well, it worked.

I looked at her, “shut up, troll.” I snarled, glaring at her. “Ha! Troll, suits ya!” Violet humored, patting Nicole on the head. Chuckling, I high fived Vi, “Now, shut up so I can read!”


After a few stops and a lot of bickering, we finally made it to Whitby. “Home sweet home!” Omar cheered, once we were parked. All of us started getting out of the cramped car, “It looks haunted.” My baby sister, Iris, exclaimed. “Cool! Ghosts!” Michael proclaimed.

‘Iris is right… It does kind of look haunted’ I thought, sizing up the house. It looks vintage, though. “Well, let's have at it!” Violet shouted, grabbing me by my arm and dragging me towards the house. Stumbling to catch up, I yanked my arm free and jogged besides her. “I love it, already!” Vi beamed. I smiled, seeing her so happy. We opened the door and walked in, trying to find the light switch. Feeling around a bit, I caught onto something and flicked it up, “Ah-ha!” I said, successfully turning on the light.

“Ooh, my.” I gasped, it was beautiful. “Well, kids… go pick your rooms!” Mother gestured up stairs.

~Violet’s POV~

Tee and I take off running first, the others right on our heels. I reach the top of the stairs first. I don’t stop for even a second, I open the first door I reach, take a quick glimpse and move on, determined to decide which one’s bigger first. I open each door, look at each one, but miss my shot. Teegan realizes it first and doesn’t waste any time. She rushes in and stakes her claim. That’s fair. I secure the room right next to hers.

“That is not even fair, Teegan. I’m the oldest. I need my space.” Nicole starts whining to Teegan once she secures her own room.

“Fair is fair, Nikki.” Tee smugly smiles at her big sister, proud of her achievement.

“You’ll regret that, Tiny Tee.” Nicole gives Tee the evil eye. Honestly, sometimes I’m actually scared of Nicole. I don’t know how Teegan survived living in the same house as her for sixteen years. Teegan rolls her eyes and Nicole walks away, headed for the stairs.

“What are we gonna do with that girl?” I shake my head, playfully.

“Burn her at the stake.” She says while shooting daggers at Nicole's retreating figure. Great, my best friend is a sadist.

“Tee, snap back to me. We need to go exploring.” I snap my fingers in her face. She looks back to me and flashes a smile.

“I think mom said something about giving us money to go get dinner on our own.” Teegan says, looking hopeful.

“Let’s go down and see.” I link our arms together and we head downstairs to the living room where Anne and Omar stand talking in hushed voices. Anne sees us walking up out of the corner of her eye and stops, looking at us expectantly.

“What’s the dinner situation?” Teegan asks, raising an eyebrow.

“Here’s $20 for the both of you which gives you each $10 if that’s not enough then I don’t know what is. Now go grab some dinner, but don’t stay out too late. You guys start school tomorrow. Now I know it's quick, but trust me, putting it off isn’t going to do anybody any good now go eat.” Anne is amazing. She took me in and gave me a home, made me feel completely welcome, and was like a good mother should be to me. I’m eternally grateful to her. Moving away from all I’ve ever known is extremely hard but I have Teegan Quinn by my side going through it all with me. Together we’re going to conquer the world.

“Can you believe that we had to say goodbye to that hell-hole of a school today, move practically across the country, and still we have to start a new school tomorrow? My parents really have lost their minds now, Vi.” Teegan shakes her head in disbelief as we start walking down the street towards some food places.

We find our way to a place called Moutreys. We order a pepperoni pizza to share and two Dr. Pepper’s. We chat about the most random things as we usually do and just laugh like idiots. We decide we’ve wasted enough time and choose to head home before Anne gets too upset or worried.

My shoulder bumps against somebody so I turn to apologize but the words get stuck in my throat when I see the guy I bumped into. His skin is pale. It’s the first thing I notice on any pale person seeing as I am also pretty pale. His hair’s raven black, it looks so soft I just wanna run my hands through it all day. His eyes a dark chocolatey brown, but so beautiful still. He’s very well built, muscularly, fit. He has a jawline that could cut through rocks. He is the definition of perfection. Everything about him… amazing.

I look beside him to see a friend I assume, beyond beautiful as well. They share a glance, panic, before running away and before I even have time to process anything, they’re out of sight and I’m left dazed.
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