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A story about he change of the character of an actress

The Gucci dress looked fantastic on her.The dress had incredible beadwork.There were dazzling sparkles one’s eyes would glimmer when you saw her.
Getting out of the car was quite some hard work making sure the long dress wouldn’t get dirty and then obviously making sure that she’s alright.But it was also fun we kept cracking jokes at Ruth so she wouldn’t have a nervous meltdown there and then.There were also the photographers who would go mad trying to get the perfect shot of dear Ruth.It was kind of annoying as one moment i would have to fix Ruth’s dress or put it in an angle at the same time move back as the photographers wouldn’t want you being in the photos.But you would have to maintain a sense of cool about it.
Further on everyone was congratulating me it was truly a memorable moment.But then suddenly while Ruth is going to meet her Hollywood friend Katlyn with me right behind her.She steps on something,I can see Ruth’s face slowly from a smile distorting to a frown.I knew something was wrong.I took Ruth aside.I held her while she lifted up her heel.Lord Behold!!!.The sight was disgusting i didn’t know what it was.I looked up to Ruth and she was in a state of shock.Wondering if this was reality or just her mere imagination.”I’m sure we can clean it up” I said.But that was not a wise idea.As soon as i said that, It triggered a bomb.”You don’t understand this was my big day June you ruined it - You...you …..you have the guts to ask how it’s your fault!!!??.Fine i will tell you.As my stylist you should have told me where i was going if you were looking at me instead of receiving your stupid and fake compliments.I probably wouldn’t have stepped on that disgusting thing.Now my newly bought shoes as well as my reputation as one of the best actresses in town is GONE!!Oh keep quiet Ruth if you keep shouting at me obviously people are not going to like you.You think people would want to work with you if you keep playing the blame game and getting so furious.GOSH!!Ruth we are all human beings,mistakes happen, the world doesn’t end.If you hadn’t created such a ruckus and quietly taken the matter in your hands people instead would have helped.Now since argueing won’t help let’s think of solutions”.Wow,Time for a breath.I had never spoken like that to anyone but what Ruth said had really crossed the limit.”How about going barefoot??” a photographer says.”Ruth it’s your call”.I look to her she had calmed down but she was still stubborn.”No”.I was not in the mood to argue.So i ask “Fine,any more suggestions??”."Oh!!Lauren has spare shoes.She is so cautious that she always carries an extra pair of everything she would even have an extra purse.”.Thank god for that.I was saved.Ruth bowed down her head as a sign of sorry and guilt.I thanked everyone for the support.After sometime.I said that we would like to go home.Back home in the car it was silent.But that silence symbolised a sorry meaning that she knew her mistake and that wouldn’t happen again.I looked at her and just nodded.I hugged her to show it was okay.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2127452