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The latest Jane Austen News. July 2017.
July 2017 Newsletter
Editor: Princess Megan Rose 22 Years

Welcome to another Jane Austen Newsletter. Greetings, Janeites Fans! The Jane Austen Celebration is being held this month in Bath in honor of Jane Austen who died 200 years ago. She was a great and beautiful author. I don't need to remind you of all her novels and her romances she wrote and how much we love her. I am her biggest fan!

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Happy 13th Account Birthday this week!  I hope you are recovering well from your surgery, watching Pride and Prejudice and reading some nice Jane Austen writings!  *^*Heart*^* Thinking of you!

A Secret Sisterhood By: Emily Midorikawa and Emma Claire Sweeney have written a book about the hidden friendships of Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte, Eliot and Virginia Woolf. This is a work of fiction. The Bronte sisters didn't like Jane Austen's writing. They were jealous. I do like the Bronte Sisters but I am a bigger fan of Jane Austen. Anne Sharp was a writer and she was Jane's good friend and she was by her side when she died and held her hand. Like every author and well known people, there will be someone who doesn't like them.

There is a special Jane Austen beer being brewed that will be served at the Jane Austen 200 Year Celebration and it will be the Earl Grey, Red Ale Tea and it is called a tipple. I would love to sample this. Jane's own special beer.

Jane Austen's novels broke new ground in her matter and style. Her writing centered on the heroine like it should be. The heroines had inner lives and feelings. They were written from a woman's point of view. This is why we admire Jane's novels.

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Thank you for another great edition of your Jane Austen Newsletter and for reminding me how much I love the character of Darcy and Pride and Prejudice!  Happy Spring, my friend! *^*Rabbit*^* *^*Heart*^* *^*Tulipr*^*

Jane Austen has her own rose. The rose is called Jane Austen Rose. It is a vibrant blush rose, orange flowered Floribunch perfectly formed buds with multicolored flowers and has a light scent. I would love to have a fresh bouquet of them every week. This goes along with the Pride and Prejudice rose I wrote about a few issues back that was peach colored.

The musical Persuasion seems to be doing well. It isn't my favorite but Jane did a good job with this novel. My friend Jen J.L.R. loves this novel and she is a member here and a close friend and she introduced me to Jane Austen. Thank you, Dear Friend! I need to sit down and watch my Jane Austen movies. ♥Hooves♥ says she needs to go back to Pemberly and that it what I will be doing. Who wouldn't want to be at Pemberly and Downton Abbey if only in DVDS?

An early copy of Emma sold for 180,000 pounds. A signed edition of Jane Austen books would probably cost over a million dollars. A signed edition of a Jane Austen book would be like owning the Holy Grail. Both would be priceless. I do have Jane Austen's recopied autograph on a cover of The Jane Austen Files Book I have. I have ones of Adam West and Jonathan Frid {Barnabas Collins} like this and they are valuable to me.

In honor of the Jane Austen 200 Year Festival, a big book made out of wire, decorated with flowers and a silhouette of Jane Austen will be in the middle of this huge book structure along with a large quill and will be at Parade Gardens. The wire, flower book structure isn't finished, yet but I would love to see it. I saw the picture of the wire structure and it does resemble a giant wire book but it doesn't have the flowers on it, yet but you can tell it is a book and it huge, giant size. They just need to add flowers and it will be beautiful. When they get it done and show the picture, I will share it with readers in the next newsletter.

July 19, 2017. Edit. Here is the picture I promised to share with you. The Jane Austen book floral display is done. Here it is:
Beautiful lawn image of Jane Austen and her book with flowers and a silhouette.

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Happy anniversary to our favorite Jane Austen's novel: "Pride and Prejudice" *^*Suitheart*^*. 


Two hundred years after our beloved Jane's death, Jane commands a cultural empire-fan fiction, adaptations, merchandise-with her six novels being the focus. Why her, opposed to someone else?

Franco Moretti has this to say: "Literary history is shaped by the fact that readers select a literary work, keeping it alive across the generations because they like prominent traits."

Jane's traits were innovative, revolutionary and fed out imaginations. Her castle in Northanger Abbey was gothic and just had a touch of spooky and gothic. No characters were kidnapped by rakes. She focused on the common walks of life.

These words played a huge part: acquaintance, affection, attended, conduct, depend, desire, gratitude, virtue and prevailed.

Jane's novels didn't write about rape, murder, supernatural or bad things. She focused on romance and there were some high and mighty snobs like Lady Catherine and a low life like Wickum. Poor pitiful Charles Collins and other characters that we didn't care for in her other novels. We find these people everywhere. Jane gave us Darcy. Our favorite man. Jane was a true Regency writer of romance and entertained women readers.

Have any of read Danielle Steel's book "The Duchess"? Danielle writes modern romances and they are about today's world. This novel takes us back to Regency times and Angelique is a young eighteen year old woman whose lived in a castle with her father in England. Her mother had died after she was born. Her father died and her half brothers were older by 15 years or so and never accepted her or her mother because she was French. Angelique's father died and her older brother throws her out, takes over the castle and has Angelique take a job as a nanny with a rich family and tells the rich family she is a distant cousin. Angelique fights off her female employer's lover and brother and is fired for hitting the man who tried to rape her and she is fired. She goes to France to find a new life, falls in love and gets married but her father-in-law hates her because she ran a brothel and refused to marry him when he came to her Brothel. Her husband dies, she has a child and finds out her father's castle is up for sale and she had 45,000 pounds her father had given her put back and she buys back her father's home! Her brother was unhappy! I love this book. It reminded me of a Jane Austen novel. I wish I had written this and Jane's novels!

On a closing note, a new Jane Austen book, Jane Austen-Writer In The World By: Kathyrn Sutherland is a collection of essays which offer a intimate history of art and life told through objects associated with her personally and with the era in which she lived in. I am anxious to read this book. Jane was the best Regency Author around and too bad she wasn't a legend like she is now. She will always live in our hearts. I wish I could go to Bath, England and be at her 200th Celebration but I will be there in spirit!

I hope you have enjoyed this newsletter. I loved writing it! I hope to be back next month with another newsletter. You can e-mail me anytime.

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