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Panchos plan to escape the Mexican Prison.
Pancho pulled back the wool blanket and quietly climbed from his cot. The air felt damp and cool,and he almost slipped. There was algae growing on the rock walls and the cobblestone floor. He took a few steps towards the window and peered outside. Through the rusty bars he could make out the low lying wall of the prison and beyond that the landscape of the Chihuahan Desert.
Pancho longed of home, somewhere over those mountains, was his family farm, and freedom.
"I've got to get out of here," He softly whispered.
From across the cell an old pale faced man on his bunk replied, "There is no escape!"
"I need a plan," Pancho grumbled.
"Capitan," the old man waved towards the guard tower.
The two men could plainly see the uniformed officer with a large caliber rifle. The search light top of the tower circled around as it illuminated the yard and cast light through their window, causing awkward shadows, and illuminating the cobwebs. Pancho began counting the seconds, he calculated that it took 60 seconds for the light to make a full revolution. Enough time he thought to snake through the bars and sprint to the wall. Over and out he would find refuge and freedom in the sage brush.
"You're loco- Crazy" the old man cried, "The Capitan's bullets are fast amigo"
Pancho hadn't listened he was already across the yard, climbing over the wall. Blood trickled down his back, He had been cut by the razor sharp wire that ran on top of the wall, Better than a gunshot he thought. He raced to the thick sage brush and dove on his belly as the light caught up with him.
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