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This interesting topic that I choose today is something that I would be proud to archive. Many people argue being alone makes you more arrogant, self-centered person, although it is true to some extent being alone sometimes may be the best way to know who actually you are. It is true that we people are social animals and we need to take shelter in society in order to live. We definitely grew up in the surrounding of people. But the secret to successful life is somewhat twisted. You may not believe being alone will have a lot of benefits. Successful people only know that we need to take a break from this busy schedule that we have in our life. From time to time, successful people tend to take a break. This gives them the freedom to think, visualize and work on their way to future. Mark Zuckerberg in his commencement in Harvard University recited very well driven thought for humankind. We need to have a purpose in life. Not just to live but a purpose that creates a purpose for other life revolving around.
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