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And suddenly you know,it's time to start something new and trust the magic of Beginning..
After listening to a lot of speech been delivered by some Educational Scholars, I was silently watching them from the last end of the curved and well-arranged conference seat that I was. This was at a Scholarship prize giving day. The Scholarship was organized to support different classes of student financially [the College students, the senior High school and also the Junior High school student] which was organized by the Research Institute that my Father works for.

Now, it was time for a representative from each class of Awardees to come up and give an impromptu Speech, this was something I did not just expect was involved in the scheduled programmed for that day. The woman at the podium which was the moderator for the day called for a volunteer from the College student’s wing and someone stood up and gave some minute Speech and left, another was called from the Senior High school wing and also a girl stood up and gave another short speech. They both delivered their speech as if they were been told earlier that they will render a speech that day. And now it was the turn for a Junior High schools student volunteer to come up and also give a short speech. After the same woman moderating called up for a volunteer and no one was ready to come up and speak, maybe we were all afraid of facing a crowd of Scholars. Then the unexpected happened.
Without a waste of time, the woman was too randomly pick a volunteer amidst us, then, she uttered the statements ‘Not to go far, let me pick the boy at the right end of this curved seat not far from me, to come up and represent the rest of them, come up Please ‘I was shocked but without hesitation, I stood up walking to the podium with my face down because I was shy actually.

Getting there, standing in front of Professors, Doctors and other Notable people, I made my fear vanish, rendered a short 7-minute speech, appreciated everyone for coming and when I was about to leave the podium, I was given a standing Ovation with cheerful clapping from people that where far better than me in all ways.
What happened that day which was 6 good years ago was something that I will never forget because it was a live-changing situation in my life and it was something I didn’t expected, that the congregation that day would even appreciate my talking talk less of giving me a standing ovation. Later that day, I realized that I was not only appreciated for rendering a nice short speech in a Good way but also because I wasn’t prepared for what happened that day and I didn’t let the unexpected overcome me. I have added that skill to my ‘Dream achieving steps’. And also, since that day, I have been taking that same step in anything I indulge in, that ‘IT’S NOT UNTIL I GET PREPARE’.
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