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Every battle defines you.
The Gem Nation, known to be the most powerful out of the three Grand Nations. With each guild governed and protected by their respective ruling families. And served the ruling monarch of their large kingdom. In the tales of victors, each family had their own words and in this tale, these words mattered the most.

To House Reaper of the Sapphire Guild. It was always "Creatio ex nihilo" which means "Creation out of nothing."

To House Hawkeye, the ruling family of the Crystal Guild. It was always "A caelo usque ad centrum" which means "From the sky to the center."

To House Alexander of the Peridot Guild. It was always "Marior invictus" which means "Death before defeat."

To House Salvidar. The ruling family of the Blue Zircon Guild, it was always "Dum spiro spero"
which means "While I breathe, I hope."

To House Isa of the Emerald Guild, it was "A fortioti" which means "From the strong."

And to House Ferron. The ruling family of the Emerald Guild, it was always "Vivere militare est" which means "To live is to fight."

Six different names with different backgrounds. With six causes in which they gambled their own lives and yet they shared one purpose in a single war.

Every battle defines a soldier at war.

Every battle defines you.

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