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by Novice
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As the name suggests this is my first short story (that I am actually happy with at least)
As the world around him pulsed with the arrival of another enemy, Alex stood shaking, leaning on his sword barely standing by himself, looking at the beaten and bruised body of his friend Zachariah as he lay on the ground.
         "Stay here and rest buddy." Alex instructed his wounded friend as he turned to face the newest arrival on weak legs.
         "What else can I do?" Asked Zachariah jokingly, then with a serious expression told Alex "You're not going to fight whatever that bastard is by yourself, you got that Alex?"
         Alex focused on his friend with a serious expression "What else can I do? Everyone else is either dead or wishing they were, you can barely move right now which leaves me as the only person capable of trying to kill whatever has come to kill us right now. I have to do this."
         As he turned to leave again the world pulsed, this time stronger than the last. As Alex reached the edge of the cube world that he and Zachariah were on currently, he took a moment to cast his sight over the ruins of countless world's that the enemy and the friends had wrought. A world which was now just blackened and smouldering used to be a rare world with animals and trees, and even if it had been quite small it had also been home to the two friends for a few weeks, before the enemies became too strong to fight back.
         Scanning to his left for the new arrival Alex gazed upon the shattered remains of a large desert world passing through a strange cube that, while allowed non-living material to seemingly phase through it, neither the enemies nor Alex or Zachariah to do so.
         Another pulse spread throughout the worlds seemingly from behind Alex so he quickly spun around to see a blood red sun cube, a world of pure fire and death to all, devour a world that looked very much like earth, green grass, and blue water.
         "Not much anymore though" Alex said aloud. But still the new enemy was nowhere to be seen.
         As Alex decided to go to the other side of the little cube world he saw something burst through the sun that was just finishing with the earth world. Turning back to look at the object Alex barely had enough time to raise his sword to parry the claw that came from the right. He leapt back from the enemy which had somehow survived coming through a red sun cube, which should have been impossible for anything, and tried to see whatever the enemy looked like, but the thing was faster and had already managed to get behind Alex and take another swipe at him, from above.
         Again, Alex managed to intercept the attack just barley and saw the hand of his opponent before it was pulled back again.
         Alex spun to face the monster that was attacking him and felt all the blood drain from his face, the thing was at least thrice his size and was just bone, no skin, no muscle tissue, just bone. Its fingers were curved like scythes and every joint on the creature was extruding another few inches and looked sharp and strong enough to punch holes in iron bars without much effort. And Alex couldn't forget that despite having no muscle the thing was faster, stronger, and simply better than himself in every way.
         Another pulse emanated from the monster as it let out a piercing screech that almost drove Alex to the ground in pure agony but he managed to right himself as the creature dropped down onto all fours as it prepared to charge Alex again.
         "I guess that's what made Zach and I call you what we did, right ugly?" Alex said with a grimace as he prepared to renew his battle with the horror in front of him. "At least I get to die a cool death, right? After all, it's not every day that you get to fight a Deity of Death."

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