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A story of a sun God cat who battled evil and brought life back to the dying world
Suki is a beautiful black and white cat with a powerful weapon mounted on her back shining so brightly.

She is the most powerful God who could ever believe she has two kittens and a partner buy when evil and monsters strikes everything falls apart buy not when Suki the sun goddess is a around she will go on countless adventures dispelling evil and driving away the curse bringing back life but this story is about her battle with akumi a 10 headed dragon each head have a power.

Suki braced herself for battle and akumi readying his fangs for battle they both thrashed wildly in the darkness as Suki glows so bright, she jumps towards akumi and bites him on the snout until he bleeds
He yells and growls in pain swinging his head violently Suki clings on tightly she then was thrown into a wall she was injured and as she stood her ground she is violently shaking she growls and meows in pain she pants and she attacks again akumi breathing fire she uses Divine wind to encounter his flames she continues to attack and use her ink brush powers

Suki maybe injured and exhausted but she's strong and continues to fight until akumi is gone for good as he gets weak and weaker Suki has a chance to slice all the heads her partner Origami gets involved with his sword he fights well Origami fights akumi for a long time Origami has the power to heal those who are injured Suki gets healed she continues to fight without any harm.

Suki and Origami belongs to me @Devil-Freddy
Please do not take these characters without my permission thank you
Part 2 coming soon
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