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First chapter of what may be a continued story, depending upon peoples opinions :) Enjoy!
This boy. This beautiful boy.
Through tears I look at his face, hair black as coal, and eyes like oncoming thunder.
Then I look down at the knife he plunged into my side.
The blood flow is begining to slow, but the searing heat of the separated skin makes it hard to think of anything else.

"I asked you to come with me, and now look."
His words sting because they are true.
Going would have made me a criminal.
It reverberates in my mind. I take a deep breath, and it feels as though the tear in my flesh rips itself even further.
"You want to kill people."
I force myself to look away from him. I should be filled with disgust, hatred, and loathing. The only thing looking does is make me long. Make me hurt.
"So do the people they want dead."
He leans in closer, and speaks in a rough whisper, one that I've heard so many times under different circumstances. Circumstances that rest easy in my mind.
"You have to decide who's right."
I turn my head from him, I can't turn him into something he's not, no matter how much I thought I saw of him. The sound of his lulling voice shouldn't change that. The ship's metal body creaks, reminding me I can't get away from him. The port hole. I'm small enough. Then what? Swim? How far are we from land?
"Enough for now."
The man who steps in is shorter than someone in charge typically is, but his lighting rod voice makes up for the missing height; it strikes fear into my damaged body, the cold draft in the metal chamber settling illy around me. The boy I know stands from his kneeling position beside me to join his commander. Before they leave he turns to me, and I see him. He hasn't changed. He hasn't lied. This is him, his eyes are still deeper than an ocean and ever thinking. He still looks at me the same. I haven't seen all of him, and I made the mistake of thinking I knew his depths.

Thanks for reading guys! Should I continue this? And as always, any comments and opinions are appreciated greatly! This was a pretty quick type up (15 minutes) so if you peoples like it, I will fix it up and persue a future for it :
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