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My OCs Sarah and Nesumi costuming as Noctis and Prompto from FFXV
I first posted this fic in my Deviantart account.
Disclaimer: Noctis, Prompto, Final Fantasy XV: Square Enix
Sarah and Nesumi Kurobuki (Naruto OC): Sasuke-sama28
"I guess this is the place."
Sarah found the small costume shop:"Nesumi's costume dojo. "A few days ago, for her 17th birthday, she received a gift card from this shop. It would give her a free costume. She thought about it. Her few friends tried to convince her to go with them at the local geek conventions, but she always refused. But with that free costume gift card, that might change. Some people attending those cons disguise themselves as their favorite characters. If she cosplays herself, no one will tell that it's her. She decided to give this a try and get a costume.
Right as she entered the store, the store's owner, Nesumi Kurobuki herself, greated her, "Welcome my friend!" said the young woman. Sarah jumped in surprise.
Nesumi felt guilty and went to see her newest customer."So sorry. I didn't mean to scare you like that." she replied, her cheeks red.
Sarah looked at the 20 year old store owner, who has long brown hair, with a long lock on the right side of her face, blue eyes darker then Sarah's own, and wears a cyan battle kimono. The symbol representing two theater masks could be seen on the back of the dress: One laughing and the other crying. Long purple gloves covered her hands and arms and sandal-like boots covers her feet and legs,
Sarah showed her gift card to Nesumi. The store owner smiled.
"You must be the lucky birthday girl I've sent that card to. Sarah, right?"
"How do you know my name?" Sarah asked.
"One of your friend who came here told me about you." Nesumi replied.
Sarah blushed under the curtain of blond locks that covered her face.
Nesumi smiled."You're a really shy one." The kunoichi putted an hand on Sarah's right shoulder and looked at her."You know, costuming is the best way to counter shyness. Plus people won't even know it's you."
"Really?" Sarah asked, looking at Nesumi.
Nesumi nodded, smiling."When I was 13, I could not fit in myself. The other boys and girls my age found me weird because of my passion for disguises. They told me I hid behind suits and masks because I could not accept myself. It was not true. It was only for roleplay, for fun!" she added.
"But enough about myself." said Nesumi."Tell you what, I'll help you choose and try a costume, and I'll even try another myself. So we'll be BFFs here!"
Sarah nodded.
"Good! Let's go!"
Nesumi led Sarah through the shop. Even though the store was small, the choice of costumes was endless.
Something caught Sarah's attention. One particular costume. A costume of Noctis, the main character of Sarah's favorite video game: Final Fantasy XV.
He was her favorite character. The rubber costume of his likeness was perfect, from the rubber bodysuit clad in Noctis's signature black leather outfit to the full rubber mask of his likeness with a pre-styled bluish black wig attached to it.
"Go ahead, try it on." Nesumi said.
"But...it's a boy's suit."
"There's no shame in crossplaying. Plus, as I told you before, with these suits, no one will tell it's you. Plus I'll suit with you remember?." She grabbed the Noctis costume and handed it to Sarah.
"Since you'll be Noctis, then I'll become his best friend Prompto." she added before to grab a full costume of Prompto Argentum, Noctis's best friend. "I'll help you suit up and you'll help me, what do you say?"
Sarah looked at her Noctis suit and blushed, then looks at Nesumi, and nods.
"That's the spirit!"
Sarah gave the Noctis suit to Nesumi. The kunoichi removes the vest and unzips the bodysuit. Sarah could see the zipper under the shirt. Sarah removed her shoes and slid her legs into the suit's own legs while Nesumi held the suit for her. Once her leg was in place in the suit's own left leg, she did the same with the right. The suit seemed loose at first, due to Sarah's female frame. Nesumi helped Sarah slid the suit up to the torso, followed by her arms in the suit arms. Like the legs of her suit, the arms are loose over her own arms.
But that would change soon. Nesumi pulled the zipper up. Sarah could feel the chest part of the bodysuit pressing over her breasts. It was not confortable.
It was brief. Sarah could not feel her breasts anymore under the suit. The arms and legs part of the suit are now no longer loose.The skin of the suit, felt real. It felt like it was her real skin and flesh. She also noticed that she was taller then before.
"This suit, it feels like the real deal."
"It's normal. My suits as well as those made by my clan are special." Nesumi replied as she slid inside her own suit. Nesumi helped her with the rest.
She slid the arms of the suit over Nesumi's own, and zipped the suit up. Nesumi felt the same dis confort as Sarah did with the breast area, but being experienced with male disguise, she was used to it. The Prompto bodysuit merged with her own body.
"Now let's complete this and put on the masks." Nesumi replied."You first."
She first fixed Sarah's hair into a bun, before to grab the mask.
"Almost done!"
She putted the mask over Sarah's head and slid it on.
At first Sarah could see darkness, until her eyes connected with the eye holes of the mask. She could see familiar bluish black bangs over her, no, his eyes. Nesumi guided him to the mirror.
"What do you, think...Noct?" she asked with a playful smile.
He was shocked. The reflection that greeted him wasn't his old self as Sarah, but Noctis Lucis Caelum himself.
I...I've become Noctis..." he replied. He was even more surprised as he heard his new voice. "I sound like him too!"
"Indeed, those chakra rubber mask makes you look and sound like the real deal."
Noctis nodded."How do you feel now?"
"Well, don't feel shy anymore, that's fore sure." he replied. "That reminds me. You got to get ready too...Prompto."
"Yeah, go ahead." Nesumi replied.
Noctis grabbed the Prompto mask and slid in on Nesumi's head. Once the mask stood in place, where Nesumi used to stand, now stood Prompto Argentum, one of Noctis's trusted companions.
"Now that it's done, how about we take a picture?" Nesumi, now Prompto asked.
"Why not".Noctis replied. Prompto quickly searched for his camera at the counter. Once he found it, he joined his friend.
The two friends paused for a selfie.
"Awesome as always." said Prompto as he checked the picture on his camera. "All of this suiting made me hungry." said Noctis.
"We can go to that burger place nearby." Prompto suggested."My treat."
"Yeah, and after that we can head to the arcade. I'm in the mood for some video games." Noctis added.
"I see you're not shy anymore."
"Well..thanks for that. This costume helped me overcome that" Noctis replied. "And..thanks for being my friend."

Prompto smiled."You're welcome Noct."
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