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by Kënna
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This has to do with mental illness and is not suitable for everyone.
Imagine. Trapped in a well. Not physically but mentally. You feel that you are deep down into the Earth. You feel alone. You feel you'll never be able to get out of this well. It's like every piece of that well is a piece of sadness. Like there's no happiness upon the well. Every time you try to climb to the top, you fall back down because you break down and don't have the strength. You feel as if, the well gets deeper every time you break down. People try to help pull you up, and when you are near the top? You fall back down. Someone gave up on you. You are broken down every single day. You take out the blade you found before you fell. You slice it across your skin as you wince in pain. You start crying. Your tears are the water. Everyday, your tears evaporate. Your tears start to fill up the well. You are screaming for help. No one responds. No one comes to rescue you. You just stand there, screaming bloody murder. The water is up to your knees. It's getting higher. You don't know what to do. You're still crying. Still harming yourself. You can't stop. Next thing you know, you're being helped. People are trying to help you out of the well. Then, once again, something knocks you down. You burst into tears, once more. You cry for hours on hours. You cry in pain from the harm you've done. You want everything to end. The water is up to your stomach now. You try to crawl up. You use all of your strength. But, it doesn't work. And once again, you are knocked down. You stand there thinking. You try to think positive but the negative voices keep intruding. They are making every word you say negative. As the day goes on, it just gets worse. You find out things you never expected to find out. You've been given up on by more and more. People are coming and going, as they try to pull you out. You're being hurt. You are being called names. You can't take it. As you're crying, the water rises. It rises and rises. All you want is for it to end.

(Happy ending)
All you want is for it to end. You feel you have no reason to be on the Earth anymore. Then there are those people who haven't given up on you, who have been kind and caring, who have listened to every word you've said, and stuck with you even though you might've been rude to them. They understand. As the days, weeks, months go by, you're being pulled up. You don't let anything get in your way. So far, no one has given up on you. You are becoming happier. You are seeing the brighter side in life. You started smiling again, laughing, being more confident and so much more. Finally you made it there. You made it to the top. You are so proud of yourself. You still have your ups and downs, but you never let anyone or anything get to you too much. You have survived. We are proud of you. You are proud of yourself. Stay strong and carry on.

(Sad ending)
All you want is for it to end. You can't take all the hatred. You can't take people giving up on you. You keep on crying. You give a small scream as you slice your skin. You feel as if you deserve this pain so you continue. You feel you are unwanted, worthless, ugly, stupid, a disgrace, a nothing, everything society has ever told you, not supposed to be alive. You begin to believe everything they say. You know everyone hates you. You just don't know why. But you think, "maybe I do, because I hate me too." You feel as if there is no reason for trying. For living. For breathing. You are just done. Just then, the water has gone over your body. You are underwater. You are drowning. You can't breathe. You think, "All I wanted was for this to end." You've died. All you ever wanted was to be happy. For it all to just end. You never got it. You never saw the brighter side in life. You tried to be as strong as you could be. But, you broke down and drowned in your own tears because of everything. None of this should've happened. But, it's what you believed. You are now missed. You are and were loved. You are gone.
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