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Someone is watching Melody and her friends through cameras. And Megan gets a gross gift.
Someone moved swiftly across the floorboards of an abandoned house that creaked underfoot. They peered through the dark blinds out the window and took a bite out of a red apple they held in their right hand as they stared hatefully over at the college dormitory. They turned from the window, walked across the floorboards, and then sat down in the chair in front of their computer with several TV monitors behind it turned on. The TV monitors showed CCTV footage of all around the college campus. They sat back in their chair and took another bite of the apple and chewed.

What were they looking for?

They sat up straight when Melody Murphy and her friends came into view on the screens walking around campus. They tapped in a few buttons on the keyboard that changed screening of one of the cameras. They looked up and saw a different CCTV footage of someone dressed in a black jumpsuit and balaclava standing outside Melody and Megan's dorm room and placing down a big, white box on the doorstep and then turned away and left. A disturbing and creepy smile slowly formed on their lips as they sat back again munching happily on the apple with their big, clunky, black boots up on the table.

"So, we'll see you guys later on tonight?" Megan asked Caleb and Tyler as they reached back in the girls' dormitory.

Caleb met her big brown eyes and smiled. "Yeah, definitely. But I hope you don't mind if my cousin, Bella, from London comes along, do you? It's just she's new here."

Melody glanced at her best friend's face and saw her temples tensing up. She couldn't help but find it slightly amusing. She looked up and saw Tyler looking at her and their eyes met. Melody felt her heart beat fast for him against her chest.

"Sure, no problem," Megan said sweetly with a smile.

Caleb stepped up to her and kissed her on the cheek. "I gotta go, but see you tonight," he replied and then rushed off.

Tyler walked the girls up the stairs to their dorm room level. They stopped suddenly when they saw a large white box outside their room.

"What's this?" asked Melody. She walked over to the box and crouched down and lifted up the white note on top addressed to Megan. She handed it to her.

Megan unfolded the note and she gasped aloud in shock and the colour from her cheeks drained.

Tyler and Melody exchanged worried glances at each other and then turned back to their friend.

"Megan, what is it?" Melody asked with concern as her heart pounded.

"'A special gift for one of the prettiest girls. Love, H'." Megan read out loud in a shaky voice. Her heart was pounding so fast. She looked at Melody and Tyler. "Whose H?"

"What's in the box?" Tyler asked curiously.

She crouched down and lifted up the lid and let out a loud horrifying scream that echoed down the hallway.

There was a large dead rat in the box laying on red tissue paper with its insides sprawled out all over the box.
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