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Living on the edge
I live in a flat world.
It kinda just ends.
There is no going back around again.
Time just stops.
World doesn't turn .
You just fall off into the abyss.
But you see, there has always been this girl-
She sits with her legs dangling off the edge.
She isn't really old-
She probably just reaches the age of ten-
But just while wearing those pigtails she has experienced life.
And, hell, done it again
She has had it.
She has seen it.
She's felt it.
But everything I walk past her-
I see something more-
She is wiser than I-
Wiser than most-
She knows that even in a world that is flat.
With the hope in her heart-
She can see it round again.
She can see it turn another day.
And while to the rest of us it seems that she is odd
She is sitting in a world where time hasn't stopped.
Each day as I pass her this becomes far more clear
Until one day she turns
She smiles
She holds out her hand
And then I smile
For time starts moving again.

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