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Crash Bandicoot finds a mysterious ring, that transforms him into a muscular beast.
One day, in the quiet jungles of Wumpa Island, 17 year old Crash Bandicoot was walking through the jungle, trying to get his mind off Cortex. While he was walking through the jungle, a ring fell from a branch on the tallest tree, and hit Crash smack in the head. "Ow!" Crash exclaimed. "What was that?" he looked around for anyone or anything that could have hit him on the head, but to no avail. He found nothing. That is, until he looked down at his feet. "Oh, what's this?" Crash questioned, examining the object. "It's a ring!" Crash exclaimed. "Wonder if it fits?" Crash wondered, scratching his head for a minute, while trying to wonder what a ring was doing in the jungle in the first place. Crash just shrugged his shoulders, put the ring on, and kept going on his walk. By the time that he got to the lookout point, his destination, the sun was starting to go down. He sat down on the edge, and just watched as the sun went under the horizon, and the moon began to rise. "I always wanted to be stronger." Crash thought. He had wanted to be the strongest bandicoot on the island. Suddenly, the ring that he had found in the jungle, began to glow a bright blue. "Huh, what's happening to the ring?" Crash said to himself. Suddenly, Crash felt his heart beat faster, as he started to sweat. Unbeknownst to Crash, the ring he was wearing was a wish granting ring, which can read the mind of the person who bears it. Crash then started to feel his shoes start to get tighter, as his feet were getting too big for his red sneakers. Crash tried to get his shoes off, but it was too late. His feet had ripped right through the shoes, causing the torn remnants to fall off his now size 19 feet. "What's happening to me?" Crash said, as his legs started to get thicker, as his muscles were getting bigger. His trademark shorts, luckily, were still on as his leg muscles stopped growing. As Crash started to calm down slightly, his abs started to grow with every breath the growing bandicoot took, as his round pecs followed suit. As the waves of pleasure enveloped the bandicoot, his arms started to grow. His biceps inflated to the size of soccer balls, as his shoulders grew to make room for the large muscular arms. Crash's voice started to deepen, as his vocal chords grew to compensate for the bandicoot's large physique. With the transformation finally over, Crash looked at his now muscular body, and felt more powerful than he had ever felt before. "Let's see how Cortex likes my foot in his face, after I defeat him!" Crash says, leaping into the air towards his home.
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