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friends first and then romance, I feel she is truly the one
I get the feeling that we were meant to be
I will never stop loving you, you are the one for me

You caught my eye almost a decade ago
your golden hair, and warm glow

Are you an angel or just a lovely gal?
Will you ever be more than just my pal?

I saw you the next fall still the same pretty in pink
you didn't like me, maybe I stink

I had a crush
you weren't in a rush

I took you to dinner and to a play
romance was not here that day

I longed to see you again and again
was wanting you so bad really a sin?

years passed by and I dated a few
but dammit girl I only wanted you

we both grew up in our own ways
life is so much better these days

A few months ago you gave me a chance
I fall in love more each day and I am enjoying this dance.
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