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by manu
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This a poem about the court trial between the badly affected Earth and the cruel humanity.
The trial

“Summon him ,the humanity” The judge
said his grieved words, indulge
in the Earth’s filthy face
’cause the technological highway human race.

Earth , wear a jabot
and a flap collar knot
Blemishes, black facial enroot
The face that showed other’s turpitude

Choked barrister aforward
a little humanity remain in human fears
“ Why my icy crown peaks you melted?” clear
the Earth stated.

“The gas warmth you created , you hatred!
My icy peaks join the sweat pool – The ocean
Why you humans a silent notion?”
A moment , the black coat faded , reply awaited.

Again the questions like arrows thrown,
“See my rashes on skin
All ’cause that rubble rubbish and no bin
All that land glitter covered by black clouds like litter”

“Oh my child humanity! Will you not let your mother dwell?
Don’t you see me unwell?
These are not questions,
But paths to your mother’s medication”.

The humanity relieves her
“A transformed life will wait you, a new home”
The hammer bang halted maternal love bud blossom
The verdict said – a last chance.

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